Quite simply, its violence has scared off prospective members who would otherwise be looking to join other gangs.

I'm in my same lane, lane that ain't gon' ever change up Gang Up Lyrics: Aye / Vroom Vroom / Unghetto Mathieu / That's my gang up, Yeah my gang up / Yeah my gang up, yeah my gang is up / My fam … I'm with the gang, gang, gang and we 'bout to go up Switching lanes, it's a thang, every time we show up You a lame, lame, lame and you so below us Bet your hoe, she know us 'Cause you know we blowed up We stay down And came up, and came up We stay down We came up, the gang up. The specter of Mexican Mafia retribution also changes the behavior of criminals in prison.
Paradoxically, the Mexican Mafia’s ruthlessness has helped, in part, to clean up the LA gang scene.