Gareth May explores the phenomenon of men who disappear without trace Falling in love is a feeling like no other, but it's still perplexes us. Ghosters tend to think that this swift and silent exit means that the other person won’t get hurt as it’s much less painful than telling them the truth that you don’t want to continue a relationship anymore. Of course we all deserve honesty and communication, but it takes real guts to be honest.

And one study says that knowing how to fall in love all has to do with certain factors. It was during my time as a No matter what he reasoning behind it is, there’s never an excuse because ghosting is the worst way to reject someone. As the other non-ghosters have already said, ghosters are placid, passive pussies that have no empathy or social etiquette.

By Jessica Kitching I don’t have the most extensive dating history. Cowards are heroes who are more prone to run away from a fight or confrontation or even their own problems, or who pick on those who they know are weaker. It seems a cowards way is also an acceptable way of dealing with things these days.
Peggy Yes I had the same ghoster … It’s is a mind fuck.
Being left in the dark is the worst. Break-ups: why do men 'ghost'? Ending an intimate relationship by severing all communication without an explanation is in fad. Anything goes. When we broke up, I went on a few dates, but in all honesty I was happy enough by myself and looking forward to achieving my travelling goals. Before meeting my fiancé, I was with someone for five years. Luckily today more than ever we have a choice to engage or disengage with people and we have a choice to permablock ghosters. January 20, 2017 at 1:23 pm #594239 Reply.