When Google launched these »smart glasses« with a built-in camera, voice controls and a revolutionary screen, expectations were sky high. Matt Swider in his review of Google Glass says there are serious defects in Google Glass’ design function that have resulted in negative effects on users. News: Google Glass Resurfaces as a Tool to Help People with Autism Improve Their Social Skills via AR . Here, in my view is why Glass didn't make it. Fashion matters. And any of us wanting to sell our own products successfully should heed the important marketing lessons Google Glass's failure teaches. The product garnered considerable criticism, with concerns about its price, safety, and privacy. Google Glass was … Google Glass supplemented little progress to users = it was a product with questionable value The designers failed to clearly define what advancement they were providing for their target users. Whether Google Glass was a success or failure largely depends on what we've learned.

Cool is not trivial. Google Glass bans and other negative reactions to "glassholes" are cropping up as the wearable tech continues to emerge. Google Glass *2013 – †2015. Ultimately, the failure of the Google Glass was a result of bad marketing. The evil eye . I carry an Android phone (though my teenage children are Apple-fanatics).

Then the tech giant realized that the future of wearables was in factories and warehouses. Marketing 5 Reasons Why Google's Glass 'Failure' Was a Success Winners know there's a difference between failing and not succeeding. By Tommy Palladino; Google Glass; Considered by many (perhaps unfairly) to be a very public failure, Google Glass can add another plot point to its comeback story, this time as a tool to teach social skills to children and adults with autism. Here are a few lessons from the Google Glass project. While Google Glass utterly failed as a consumer device, its second life as an industrial tool makes sense. Google Glass Wasn't a Failure. If you are working on a breakthrough product, or any new product, don’t make the same mistakes. And sadly my verdict is that, in its present form with its current software, Google Glass is a failure. But Google is ready for a postmortem on the device’s “explorer” stage.

Google Glass 2.0 Is a Startling Second Act The trendy-creepy glasses flopped.

The first version of the product wasn’t sold in retail stores. It Raised Crucial Concerns ... Google Glass is a story about human beings setting boundaries and pushing back against surveillance — … The failure of Google Glass shows that even a brilliant man like Sergey Brin, who wore Google Glass in the subways of New York and dreamed of a consumer future for Google X’s breakthrough product, has blind spots when it comes to product marketing.