Battle Smith Idge. Veronif. Soho, the Wind. Diego the Carpenter. Characters can be recruited through quests and events. Granado Espada - UnOfficial database about various information like, characters, stances, … Nena Nena Starting level: 100 [Reduce PC Damage] Level 1 [Introduction] Last survivor of Vigilar tribe who protected for ages. Vincent. Adelina, the Pirate. Total Reboldoeux Coimbra Auch Ustiur Bahama Caos Requiem Errac Castilla Viron Kielce sub etc. Viki. Panfilo, the Battlecook. Cadet Adriana. Emilia, the Sage. Reboldeaux Soldier Female. Oneday after Lorenzo showed up in Bahamar, Vigilar tribe disappeard but meet Nena, the last Guardian of Forest in the mean time of solving the secret of 5 Elements.

Asoka. ZONE. Auch Infantry Female. Ralph. Cadet Elisa.