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noun. It is a type of small rodent that is often kept as a pet. 2. How do you use Guinea pig in a sentence? I have a pet guinea pig. 3. Examples of guinea in a sentence: 1. I need to feed my guinea pig. guinea pig pronunciation. 2. The bringing down of the guinea to 21s. I saw him down at the docks taking a bribe from one of the Don's goons, while they were unloading some Coke. One of the class animals in my biology class is a guinea pig. exact 15. related DICTIONARY guinea pig.

Becoming a guinea pig Winer met with Adriana to explain the trial. And she is horrified at the price of being his guinea pig.
O'Mally is a real Guinea Pig. He was happier than a guinea pig. And the guinea got it. Sentence with the word guinea pig. 1. Wiki User 2009-08-28 11:10:41. 2. Sentence with the word guinea. Listen to the audio pronunciation in English. 60 / 5k. A tailless rodent of the family Caviidae and the genus Cavia genus, with short ears and larger than a hamster; the species Cavia porcellus is often kept as a pet. synonyms cavy.

guinea pig in a sentence - Use "guinea pig" in a sentence 1. Guinea pig is not an idiom. Sentence examples for guinea pig from inspiring English sources. Learn more. How to say guinea pig.
Sgt. For these reasons, in the 1890s the term guinea, which had been used for slaves from the coast of West Africa, was applied to Italian Americans. Fred is a guinea pig for a pharmeceudical company and gets paid for the testing. Related Questions.