One of the three largest historical earthquakes ever recorded in New Zealand struck Hawke's Bay at 10.47 in the morning of 3 February 1931. The hazards of rescue work. Earthquake 1931; Earthquake 1931. On this calm Tuesday morning in Hawke's Bay, the region was rocked by a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake that violently shook for three minutes. 6) was passed. mostly in the first three issues following; February 11, 18 & 25. In 1931, New Zealand’s deadliest earthquake devastated the cities of Napier and Hastings. Extent of shaking, Hawke’s Bay earthquake, 3 February 1931.

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1931 Hawke's Bay earthquake remembered: 91 year-old recalls the day . 2 Feb, 2020 10:58am .

Ruins of the Napier nurses’ home following the earthquake (Alexander Turnbull Library, 1/2-002952-F) When the deadly earthquake, measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale, struck at 10.47 a.m., many buildings in central Napier and Hastings collapsed immediately.

At 10:47 am on the 3 rd of February 1931 a magnitude 7.9 earthquake hit the Hawkes bay then was followed closely by a second quake that rocked the Hawkes bay for almost 3 Minutes. Year-round guided tours and vintage car rides are surpercharged each February as tens of thousands flock to participate in the week-long Art Deco Festival. The magnitude M S 7.8 earthquake lasted 2 and a half minutes and was felt as far south as Timaru. UJ en I­ U a > a u Z 0 Fig. 2 Time distribution of aftershocks recorded at Hastings, February-December 1931. V, 1931, No. Occurring at 10:47 am (NZ Summer Time) on Tuesday, 3 February 1931, the Hawke’s Bay earthquake (also known as the Napier Earthquake) is recorded as having caused the largest loss of life and most extensive damage of any quake in New Zealand’s history.

Surprisingly, Central Hawke's Bay nonagenarians Pat Box and Jim Fleming don't remember feeling overly frightened during the 1931 Hawke's Bay earthquake. This Act contained two main provisions. And the SUBSEQUENT REBUILDING throughout the remaining years of the 1930s.

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Hawke's Bay Farmers Co-op secretary Charles Douglas was in his Hastings office with a client when the country's deadliest earthquake hit the region on February 3, 1931.

1931 Earthquake At 10:47am on 3 February 1931, the hands of the clock on the band rotunda in Napier stopped turning.

Damage to buildings (1st of 3) Napier in flames (1st of 2) Fireman in the wreckage.

THOUGH not in the front rank among the seismic regions of the world, New Zealand has been visited by several earthquakes with great crustal changes, such as those of 1823, 1848, 1855 and 1929.

3 February 1931, Earthquake Magnitude: M S 7.8, MW 7.4 - 7.6, Hawke's Bay.

Apparently she, along with the rest of the staff and customers, successfully evacuated the shop during or immediately after the first major shock.

Hawke's Bay earthquake strikes 3 February 1931.

Gwen worked as a cashier at Griffith's Shoe Shop in Hastings and was killed there by falling masonry in the earthquake on 03 February 1931. Data from Adams et al. The Hawke's Bay Earthquake (also known as the Napier Earthquake) occurred in the morning of Tuesday 3 February 1931.The quake devastated the region, injured thousands and killed at least 256 people, making it New Zealand's deadliest quake. Napier after the 1931 earthquake . Dust rose in clouds from shattered buildings and giant cracks appeared in the roads of Napier and Hastings.

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The following are the images published in the AUCKLAND WEEKLY NEWS throughout 1931 of the HAWKE’S BAY EARTHQUAKE. 4 minutes to read . HAWKE'S BAY EARTHQUAKE TUESDAY 03 FEBRUARY 1931 NAPIER, HAWKE'S … In April, 1931, the Hawke’s Bay Earthquake Act (21 Geo. (1933). In the first place the Hawke’s Bay Adjustment Court was set up to facilitate adjustment of pre-earthquake liabilities.

Clearing the rubble. Peter Price, 91, was only 2 when the 1931 quake struck Hawke's Bay. But together they make a very … Hawke’s Bay is New Zealand’s Art Deco capital, with the cities of Napier and Hastings rebuilt in the architectural styles of the time following the devastating 1931 earthquake.

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