Make sure you have enough time to reach and leave the summit before it gets too dark. The hike can take around 8 hours or longer, depending on your fitness level. Closed Now. Hilo to Mauna Kea is a 42.5 mile lightly trafficked point-to-point trail located near Hilo, Hawaii, Hawaii that offers scenic views and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. This price is for pickups in Hilo only. Starting cost will be $1600 plus tax and up for two people for 1 day.

Please follow state and local guidelines, and stay safe. If you visit Mauna Kea around a full moon, the brightness of the moon will make it difficult to see other objects in the sky. The Mauna Kea hiking trail is six miles long and starts at the Visitor Information Station. Heads up! That means you won’t get the full benefit of the star-gazing program. The trail is primarily used for nature trips, road biking, and scenic driving and is accessible year-round. The park is also hunting grounds for wild pigs and sheep. from Mauna Kea Stellar Explorer (Hilo) For an out-of-this-world experience, check out Maunakea Stellar Explorer from KapohoKine Adventures.

Food is not included, but we can make a restaurant or store stop. Due to the spread of COVID-19, many points of interest are closed and travel is not recommended. The cool and dry weather will be a solace for those looking for a break from Hilo's … Highly rated Mauna Kea Sunrise Experience from Waikoloa, Kona, or Hilo. Filtered water is provided. This thrilling adventure is the only Big Island star tour to feature nighttime astronomical observing and safe daytime solar viewing with all ages welcome! Private/custom tours are based upon availability of tour guides. Add to Trip. 9,200 foot level of Mauna Kea, Hilo, Hawaii 96720 USA. Gratuity is not included but is appreciated … Puʻu o Kūkahauʻula est le nom traditionnel du sommet du Mauna Kea. It is a popular spot for camping, hiking, picnicking and lodging. Price may change depending on the total driving time between your chosen stops and number of stops included. Mauna Kea est la contraction de Mauna o Wākea, qui peut être traduit par « montagne de Wākea », où Wākea est le père céleste des Hawaïens (dieu du ciel) [2].La forme moderne, Mauna Kea, signifie « montagne blanche », en hawaïen [3], [4], car le sommet est souvent recouvert de neige en hiver [5]. Edit Place; Edit Rating Boost.

Try to visit Mauna Kea around a new moon (when the moon isn’t as bright in the sky). You should read the instructions on hiking to the peak of Mauna Kea carefully to stay safe. You can also try a different route while coming back by adding multiple destinations. Check map from Hilo to Mauna Kea Observatories for clear directions! Along with it, estimate Travel time from Hilo to Mauna Kea Observatories to calculate the time you will spend travelling. The return distance between Hilo to Mauna Kea Observatories is 67 Mi. Opens Thu 9a Independent. This exclusive sunrise tour (with stargazing) on the Big Island is a less crowded way to see the stunning views above the clouds on the tallest volcano in the world! Free gifts, no booking fees, and easy online booking with TravelShack. 6 Photos. The shrub land, at a height of 6500 feet, gives a spectacular view of the Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa.