Tell Jabiriyah (ancient: Hindanu) Arbil Governorate 006. Tell Anbar (ancient: Anbar, Pirisbora) 090. Is, also known as Hit (ancient: Hit) 078. Aqar Quf (ancient: Dur Kurigalzu) 037. Arbil (ancient: Erbil or Arbela) Babil Governorate 001. The ancient metropolis of Babylon is one of the most famous cities of the ancient world and today can be found near the town of Al-Hillah in modern-day Iraq. Book tours and skip the line at Imam Hussain's Shrine, Shrine Amir al-mo'menin Ali bin Abi Talib peace be upon him + Erbil Citadel. 1. Years of conflict have besieged this country, and while Iraq continues to struggle with political strife, there is much to see here other than just the scars of war. 15 Best Places to Visit in Iraq When you think of Iraq you may well think of smoky battlefields, cruise missiles, and charging tanks. Discover 29 historical attractions in Karbala, Najaf + Erbil. Founded almost five thousand years ago, the city on the Euphrates has seen empires rise and fall and has been the centre of the highest forms of culture and the most brutal wars and devastation. Babylon. Iraq Cultural Heritage Sites (listed by province) Al-Anbar Governorate 003. 'Anah — Minaret at 'Anah 004.