We have the best Stockx Shipping Image gallery. Some items that are larger and/or heavier will incur additional shipping costs. Stockx Free Shipping Code No Minimum May 2020. StockX shipping costs. save hide report. How To Properly Ship Your Item to StockX By Jamie Delaney , August 24, 2018 Now that you’ve sold your item on StockX, it’s time to pack it up and ship it off.

share. Rates are based on the average size and weight of a shoe box. 67% Upvoted. This thread is archived.

Like I said I'm new to this so is that kind of shipping cost to be expected? Our calculator is valid when the Transaction Fee is $5.00 or more. These costs will be included in the price breakdown at the time you place your bid or make your purchase. We are currently working on integrating this feature into the calculator. Stockx Shipping Solid Cash Flow (2020) Browse our Stockx Shipping image gallery or search for Stockx Shipping Time and Stockx Shipping Cost.. go »

New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Shipping costs cover the expense of getting your item from us to you. I'm new to the whole sneaker game and I'm trying to get a pair online, StockX looked like a really good site to use until I saw the $40 dollar shipping costs. As a seller, your shipping cost is deducted from your total payout. Thank you. 14 comments. Your Transaction Fee is less than $5.00 which means that StockX will charge $5.00 for the Transaction Fee (it's their minimum).

This happens once a month during the sale periods. CODES (2 days ago) Easy delivery is what online shopping is all about, and Stockx Free Shipping Code No Minimum free shipping is the best way to get it quickly. U.S.: Free U.K.: £8.50 Rest of Europe: €10.00.