This will light the portal; you should see a purple screen appear in the middle of the portal. Stand next to any one of the obsidian blocks, then press the left trigger to apply the flint and steel to the block.
If you have obsidian, you should have a source of lava, so use that to light the block. Full nether portal: As you can see from the image above, a nether portal is a four-sided rectangle: two sides of 4 blocks making the top and bottom, and two … It is required to make a Nether Portal before making an Aether Portal because Glowstone is required to make the portal.
Stepping into an activated end portal immediately opens up a loading screen, and transports the player to the End - this leaves no time to back out, unlike the nether portal while in Survival mode. Obsidian is created when flowing water is added to lava. According to the wiki, the portal can be activated by a block that is on fire. NaporZ 0 NaporZ 0 Member; Members; 0 1 post; Posted June 15, 2014. activate; corners; height; width; blocks; flint and steel; Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Recommended Posts. Upon entering the End, a 5×5 horizontal platform of obsidian is generated centered at block coordinates (100, 48, 0), and the player is placed on top of it (100, 49, 0, towards west). You may have to press the left trigger a few times to activate the portal. To build a Nether Portal, the first thing you will need to do is farm 14 pieces of obsidian. Took a bit of configuring before I figured out how I could light a portal with fire underwater, but I'm actually mostly proud I got it to work. The Nether Portal thought was half to try something none of the guardian farm guides seemed to try, and half just to see if I could do it. If you're lucky, you will find some naturally formed obsidian just waiting to be farmed in the world around you, but that's fairly rare and not really worth your time to hunt down (unless you already know of a spot). To activate the portal the player must use a Bucket of Water at the bottom of the portal frame, the same way one would use Flint and Steel to activate a Nether Portal.