A few guys admitted that they wanted to dress completely like a woman and a few even admitted to wanting to take on the submissive role and have sex like a woman.

Girls and Boys can be friends and act anyway they would like. After years of practice, it has become a second nature. I wouldn't care what people would say! Girls and boy can walk the same. As for being girly girl just watch any girly girl around you that you admire the way she walks and sit then copy her style and own it. when walking dont slouch and walk in a straight line . i think theres no tips with your problem if you really wanted to changed the way you walk since alot of people noticing you by having a girly walk... changed it within you wherein nobody will ask to do things as such. I don't walk like a girl and I don't sit like a girl. I was amazed by how many guys want to do girly things and to what extent some guys want to get girly. Don't let people tell you what to do.

Walk , Walk the way you feel somfortable. It is part of putting on my game face when I get dressed, i.e., a part of switching into girl mode. If you are a girl that feels pressure to “walk like a girl,” but this doesn’t feel comfortable to you, you should embrace the stride that feels right for you. Tuck your pelvis slightly by pulling your lower abs inward, and position your chin parallel to the ground. Do you see the need to worry yourself about how others think about your walking. I’m a guy that is forced to be a sissy girl for my wife who is my master she has bought me 6inch heels so I’m on this page to see how to get the girl walk down for are shopping trip this weekend so should I try putting a Maxie pad in my panties with my chastity as well does this make your heels work along with your butt work together like a proper sissy It isn’t just the famous who are guilty of this either. My girlfriends admonished me, so I began to make a conscious effort to walk like a woman. When I am en femme, I find myself walking like a woman without making a conscious effort to do so. so jet made them learn how to walk like a girl ( we are bgirls we really don't do all this girly stuff) oh yeah and apparently the guys were better than the girls at walking like a girl It is difficult to picture an image of a girly girl without fashion accessories or a piece of jewelry like a bracelet, necklace, ring, scarf, brooch, pin, wrist band, colored pantyhose, earrings, bangles, sunglasses, a watch, or more. Remember, there are cultural as well as individual differences in what it means to walk like a girl. Please, help me. Not a 12-year-old little girl that is submissive to the male species.” Bell has a point: turn on any entertainment news channel and you will likely hear a lot of famous, grown women who sound like they’re barely out of their teens and/or are auditioning for a role in a remake of Valley Girl.

Stand up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. It doesn;t matter. When I was a teenager and on a beach trip with a church youth group I was told by one of the girls on the trip that I walked like a girl, and she even went into further explanation pointing out the footprints in the sand saying that the way most boys walk their footprints are wider apart while the way most girls walk the footprints are almost in line with each other. Login to reply the answers Post; lovergurlz1000. To be a girly girl, keep yourself looking fresh and feminine by bathing daily and keeping your skin moisturized. Drop your shoulders down and move your shoulder blades an inch closer together on your back to open your chest. Re: Please, How Can I Be A Girly Girl? A girl can walk anyway they would like. Then I was forced to learn how to curtsey like a girl, holding my dress out and bobbing my head. As far as acting like a girl twirling hair chewing on things biting lip are pretty stereotypical.

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