Hunting in the UK: the Hunting Act Under the terms of the new Hunting Act, which covers England and Wales, a person "commits an offence if he hunts …

You don’t need a licence to hunt: game birds, eg pheasants and grouse quarry birds and certain wild birds, eg moorhens and woodcock certain waterfowl, eg some ducks and geese. UK HUNTING LAWS : You can also get a jail sentence if certain animals suffer ' unnecessarily ' as you hunt and shoot.
You don’t need a licence to hunt deer in open season. Other animals

You must follow the rules for hunting and shooting wildlife including: You can be fined or jailed for hunting illegally or causing unnecessary suffering to an animal. But, offenders can get fined or jailed for illegal hunting in the United Kingdom. From you can hunt the following legally: Birds. Deer. Farmers have been banned from shooting 'pest' birds on their land as Natural England has bowed to a legal challenge from environmentalists including Chris Packham. You must get a falconry licence to hunt birds with a falcon. The rules for hunting and shooting birds and wildlife animals are often controversial. Open season varies by region and species. If you’re using a shotgun to shoot birds, the internal diameter of the shotgun can’t be more than 1.75 inches.