Bertha continued stregthening on June 30 Bertha became a cateory 5 hurricane before weakening to a category 4, weakening ensued to a Category 3 until sudden favorable conditions fueld strengthen Bertha made landfall on Hati before rapidly weakening to a category 2 and making landfall on Cuba Bertha continued to weaken into a tropical storm near Florida before weakening and dissipating on JulyR10. The storm started as a hurricane in the Caribbean. 2019 Atlantic Hurricane season was an above-normal season with 12 named storms, six hurricanes, and three major hurricanes. On July 26, a tropical wave south of the Cape Verde Islands was monitored for possible tropical cyclogenesis. 2019 Atlantic Hurricane season comes to an end. Another part of the Caribbean Hurricane Network is the 'practical guide' to hurricane tracking with unit conversions, definitions, tips, links, etc. It brought winds of up to 90mph cutting off power to thousands of homes.

Hurricane Bertha was an unusual tropical cyclone in early August 2014 that attained minimal hurricane status, despite having a disheveled appearance and a relatively high atmospheric pressure. You can also find out how close the storm is and how many hours you have left to prepare plus you can map the closest point of approach of a hurricane to your location.