The classification system developed for the AHS contains 132 sub-major food groups.
1 The George Institute for Global Health, University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia 2 School of Public Health and Charles Perkins Centre, Faculty of Medicine, University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia The present commentary outlines the NOVA system of food classification based on the nature, extent and purpose of food processing. It is at this point that considerations such as meat species, plant families, major variations in cooking or processing, or major differences in form of presentation are considered. 1 This report is on Ultra-processed foods, diet quality and health. Michelle Crino 1* Tala Barakat 2 Helen Trevena 1 Bruce Neal 1,2,3,4 .

We classified all recorded food items according to the NOVA system (7, 11) , a food classification based on the extent and purpose of industrial food processing. The food classification and description system FoodEx2 (revision 2) European Food Safety Authority Abstract FoodEx2 is a comprehensive food classification and description system aimed at covering the need to describe food in data collections across different food safety domains. It also remains to be seen whether the NOVA classification system would lead consumers to choose better diets compared to healthy diet patterns developed by nutrient epidemiology such as MyPlate, DASH, or Mediterranean-style diets, which can include foods with various levels of processing (7).

Systematic Review and Comparison of Classification Frameworks Describing the Degree of Food Processing.

The NOVA food classification system with its identification and definition of ultra-processed foods is the one that by far has been most applied in the scientific literature (Lawrence & Baker, 2019). Food classification systems that emphasize industrial food processing, and that define and distinguish relevant different types of processing, will improve understanding of how to prevent and control overweight, obesity and related chronic non-communicable diseases, and also malnutrition. Evidence that NOVA effectively addresses the quality of diets and their impact on all forms of malnutrition, and also the sustainability of food systems, has now accumulated in a number of countries, as shown here. A new food classification based on the extent and purpose of industrial food processing Carlos A. Monteiro Center for Epidemiological Studies on Health and Nutrition School of Public Health, University of São Paulo 8th International Conference on Diet and Activity Methods FAO, Rome 14 …