I believe recently some of the language regarding SLI support has changed to, and please correct me if I'm wrong, "If at all" instead of "will be addressed" and this has me concerned about Ubi''s commitment to not only myself but other gamers in the same predicament. I find this very upsetting; this leads me to conspire about hardware bias.....but I try not to believe in such things. It will only support it with explicit mGPU mode in some DX12 and Vulkan games that support it, so to answer your question, crossfire is supported well with current stuff given it places onus on the devs. ContentMain1 Please use the AMD Catalyst™ Control Center to verify that AMD CrossFire is enabled. Jayz is not a smart person I just posted the video cause it has some great numbers, the reason why 1 test wouldn't get any benefits is simply due to it resigind more on memory testing than processing power, so shut your mouth you fokin weasel. List of games that support Crossfire. Hi does anybody know if crossfire is supported on this game? Not that I need it got plenty of fps but still. It would be much better to buy a single RX 590 both in terms of performance and price. AMD CrossFire™ nutzt die Leistung von zwei oder mehr parallel arbeitenden diskreten Grafikkarten, um die Spielleistung entscheidend zu verbessern und Ihnen die spielentscheidende Performance zu liefern. Buy single strongest GPU you can get. Recently, AMD … Everytime i let the installer go on for allmost 30 minutes, but i never could install any of them. The problem with my second ATI Radeon HD5800 series Adapter still remains. #13. strigif0rm3s. http://support.amd.com/en-us/search/faq/243 I have two graphics cards connected with an AMD CrossFire™ bridge but 3rd party programs are showing that AMD CrossFire is disabled. Assassins creed Origins doesn't support sli. Well, we have the multi monitor support but still no SLI/Crossfire support. This is because not all applications or games support crossfire and in some case you may also lose out on performance. From PCGamingWiki, the wiki about fixing PC games Project aim. 1 AMD CrossFire™ Technologie-fähige Grafikkarten eigenen sich für praktisch jedes Budget. I had crossfire 6870s and RX480s, both times I gave up and sold one of the cards because the compatibility was poor with the games I was playing, and I had to trouble shoot more than I'd like to get others to work smoothly. Obviously your mileage will vary, but a single powerful GPU has always been the simplest and most effective solution. I'm using the newest Radeon software setting and switched on the crossfire, in the profile overdrive section is showing my second card not working. If some still exists, try lowering reflection detail. World of warcraft supposedly does but only on full screen and I cannot find an option to make it full screen apart from borderless window. Create a profile and select AFR friendly mode, also activate V-SYNC, it gets rid of some flickering. The only situation where i could justify it, is if you have one or a couple of games where u know crossfire is supported. Can be a nice workaround if the game do not support crossfire. Shadow of the Tomb raider crashes and I heard it is an issue with crossfire and not SLI. I had microstutter with both setups. Re: Is CrossFire still alive? @ Mac.Clayne I'm a long time Ubisoft fan and … On Nvidia side, I have SLI rigs still, however support for most games is meh. « Reply #6 on: October 27, 2017, 01:40:17 PM » Ok, I *think* I have installed Java 6 because it says the installation was successful, but then when I try to install Crossfire I am also told it is successful but I can't find it in my … How SLI and Crossfire work by connecting two compatible GPU cards with a bridge on a supported motherboard. 3/17/2015 and there is still no crossfire support. It seems the multi-GPU dream for gamers is dead, with both Nvidia and AMD seemingly moving on from their SLI and CrossFire features. SABERTOOTH 990FX/GEN3 R2.0 motherboard Got 2x asus amd Radeon hd7770 2gb graphics cards with the crossfire cable attached. Nvidia also does not support more than 2-way SLI with the Pascal-series GPUs (the older cards did support 3 and 4-way/Quad SLI). You can still run 4 Pascal GPUs, but you’ll be restricted to getting full use only in synthetic benchmarks, not games. But, in my case, let one GPU rendering while I'm gaming with the other might be ULTRA interesting if it's possible. Before the vulkan update AFR-friendly worked quite okay (although scaling was to say the least, less-then-perfect), but ever since VULKAN while it does improve the performance I get single-290x, i still find it to be nowhere near satisfactory for my resolution (2160p).