Even if you don't live close to an REI, they'll have promotions where members get free shipping on purchases over a given amount. If you live somewhere without an REI nearby and/or you do not plan on buying more than $200 in gear online from REI for the rest of your life (once you surpass $200 the dividends at the end of the year covers the membership cost). #2 – REI Member-Only Coupons .

Throughout the year, REI has a number of sales, and during those sales they offer additional discounts to Members. Are you an avid outdoor person? All of these benefits are great, but they’re just the tip of the iceberg. Although the REI Co-op membership comes with many perks, the stackable deals are one of the greatest benefits. In this case, the membership is often what you make of it. Is the REI Membership Worth It? For REI members, these outdoor classes, events, rentals, shop series, and REI Adventures are either massively discounted or completely free. And if you are scoring the membership for free, then even better. So if you aren’t sure that you’ll spend enough to make the membership worth it, share it with your parents, kids, or partner to cover the cost. Subject: Is "membership" to REI worth it?

There is 1 Reason Becoming an REI Co-op Member is NOT Worth It. When you become an REI Co-op member, you not only join a welcoming community, you also get access to member perks including: Enjoy a treat-yourself moment every spring with your REI Annual Dividend. Anonymous: How dare you put REI membership in quotes. for the first time I actually feel part of something larger than myself, a community of interest, of shared values. How much knowledge do you have or are you willing acquire prior purchasing gear. Are you willing to delay gratification. If you're going to buy items that REI carries, the membership is worth every penny. REI regularly has deals that are exclusive to members, like this 20% off coupon for one full price item that comes with an additional 20% off one outlet item. You cannot put a price on that. Alison’s Co-op Membership Story. Why an REI Co-op Lifetime Membership is Worth it. You can save more than the value of the $20 membership fee on just one promo. Slickdealer VincentBlackShadow has been an REI member for 17 years and notes the membership fee … I really like wool socks & synthetic undies, with my membership (and REI Visa) I'll get 15% back from those purchases. 04/04/2014 14:05 Subject: Is "membership" to REI worth it? One big purchase and membership more than pays for itself. Save huge (think 50%+) on gently used and returned gear at these semiannual events.