Tehran at dusk Source: Flickr. If by modern, one wonders about the employment of technologies in daily matters such as public transport, money transactions and other forms of automated activities, I suppose Tehran is more modern than most North American cities and compares to large cities in Europe. Published May 13, 2015. By Susan Sims. Published May 13, 2015. By Susan Sims. Updated December 5, 2017. Tehran continues to evolve by building new landmarks that are as enthralling and captivating as the older structures. Six Modern Buildings You Won’t Believe Are In Tehran, Iran. Updated December 5, 2017. Even though the Qajar dynasty was in a period of decline, Tehran soon took the shape of a modern city. With a sociological perspective in mind, Tehran is more post-modern than it is modern. Tehran appears to be a Modern City, BBC’s Correspondent says on August 20, 2015 | 7:52:15 Despite years of tight economic sanctions against Iran, the capital Tehran appears like a modern city, BBC’s correspondent Kim Ghattas reported.