The former Apple CEO, who fired Jobs in 1985, gave his most illuminating explanation ever of the move at a Forbes conference in Bali last week.
John Sculley spills the beans on firing Steve Jobs. John Sculley had been vice-president at PepsiCo where he had …

He fired Jobs two years later John Sculley… John Sculley and Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs and John Sculley, the former CEO of Apple.
Jobs 1.0 was characterized by unwavering ambition, but Jobs 2.0 was more mature and had a greater willingness to listen to others, Sculley said.

Says Sculley, “Steve wanted to be CEO, but the Apple board felt he wasn’t ready.

John Sculley and Steve Jobs. Despite the astonishing figures of sold Macintosh computers and a boost in sales to more than $1.5 billion in 1984 (up 55% from 1983),) Apple soon fell into its most severe crisis, which would only be overcome by Sculley's hard measures and led to the fir ing of its visionary Steve Jobs. The partnership of Steve Jobs and John Sculley has been well-documented in Sculley’s own book, in countless interviews, and, most recently, in the biography of Jobs written by Walter Isaacson, published shortly after Jobs’ death in late 2011. John Sculley and Apple co-founder Steve Jobs got together every weekend for five months as Jobs was trying to convince Sculley to take a job at Apple. John Sculley on Steve Jobs.

Why did Jobs hire Sculley? Sculley was CEO of Pepsi-Cola when Jobs recruited him to be Apple’s CEO in 1983. The pair were dubbed the "dynamic duo." Sculley is probably best known as the man who ousted Steve Jobs from Apple in 1985. The pair were dubbed the "dynamic duo."