He was first seen with it on September 19, 2019 at the airport. L’ARMY a partagé sur son compte twitter une capture d’écran du tatouage qui se lit ‘ARMY’. Did you think he left out the other ones? Fans of Jungkook think he got a sleeve tattoo, adding to the tattoos on his hand which he has been showing off lately. behind it. There were a couple of tattoos; most notably fans could read the word ‘ARMY’ spelled on his right hand. Jungkook is definitely more adventurous than the rest of BTS when it comes to tattoos seeing as how Jimin is the only other member with a tattoo, and it … Fans actually think BTS' Jungkook may have gotten an ARMY-inspired tattoo.

ARMY Tattoo The idol decided to take the fandom into account, ARMY has been a great support for the boys and he always wants to take them with him, that’s why, when the first photos of Jungkook with the tattoo appeared, the fandom could not believe his gesture. Just recently, fans have seen even more tattoos on the “Boy With Luv” singer’s arms. Since it … Suga, while other fans pointed out that Jungkook’s tattoo also had a lone “J” for J-Hope, Jimin and Jin, as well as an “M” on one of his knuckle’s fingers. top of the M in ARMY for it to represent A few weeks ago, fans noticed the artwork and became curious if it was real. JUNGKOOK ARMY tattoo. However, the fandom learned that the “ARMY” tattoo is still present on the singer’s fingers until now. He got it at the tattoo shop in Geoje Island. The “A” could stand for V (aka, Taehyung), the “RM” portion “ARMY” could be for RM, and the “Y” might stand for “Yoongi,” aka Suga. The A is a V upside down, the RM is Namjoon, the MY is Yoongi. This tattoo on the right side of his hand is BTS ‘s ARMY … ARMY noticed that BTS Jungkook right hand looked different. Jungkook has always wanted a tattoo, and now he got one. The most recent on being Jungkook's "ARMY" tattoo on his knuckles.

They noticed that his hand had tattoos on them. The Y in “ARMY” was for “Yoongi” a.k.a. Que ce soit un tatouage permanent ou pas, cela reste un mystère, et un fan du BTS en a récemment fait une analyse descriptive. Like the rest of the BTS members, Jungkook is known to change his look spontaneously, but nothing could have prepared fans for this. In 2018, Jungkook surprised fans by dying his hair bright red, which was a huge change from his usual brown or black hair. BTS Maknae Jungkook was first seen with tattoos on his right hand on September 19, 2019, at the airport after coming back from vacation. NewTattoo, ARMY In The Right Hand of Jungkook Like we told you guys earlier, the new tattoo of Jungkook created lots of mystery in the mind of his followers. Visibly pondered.

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His fans the army went crazy on the internet and many assume it was henna but later his pictures were leaked from the tattoo parlour. There was also a crown, the letter J and a heart. The BTS ARMY has been suspecting Jungkook got an arm tattoo ever since the Saudi Arabia concert, but they weren't so sure because so many of … He apparently. For J-Hope, Jimin, and Jin, it looks like Jungkook … since: april 1st, 2018. over what design to do. BGC; Found in Tattoos - Right Lower Arm; Teen - Elder; Disabled for Random; 2 swatches - with 0613 & without 0613 (I separated these into 2 swatches because the 0613 looks a little squished at this size) T.O.U. BTS Jungkook's ARMY tattoo on right hand-Base Game-Found in Tattoos - Right Lower Arm-Teen - Elder-Disabled for Random-2 swatches - with 0613 and without 0613 (I separated these into 2 swatches because the 0613 looks a little squished at this size) decided on ARMY, but with meanings. He also put a J on. Please do not reupload or claim as …

Fans actually think BTS’ Jungkook may have gotten an ARMY-inspired tattoo. Taehyung Bts Jungkook Jungkook Aesthetic Kpop Aesthetic Bts Tattoos Hand Tattoos Handpoked Tattoo Peach Aesthetic Bts Wallpaper stuff jungkook hi! A crown tattoo telling ARMY that they are the kings. Jungkook’s trainer posted … Haha, of course not. Like the rest of the BTS members, Jungkook is known to change his … Alors que le groupe a récemment rejoint TikTok, le tatouage de Jungkook était encore plus visible. Jungkook new tattoo, "ARMY" is represented to his bandmate and his beloved fans. He got his new tat during his first break after making a debut in 2013 with his band member.