Introduction: The JUpiter ICy Moons Explorer (JUICE) is a European Space Agency mission that will fly by and observe the Galilean satellites Europa, Gan-ymede and Callisto, characterize the Jovian system in a lengthy Jupiter-orbit phase, and ultimately orbit Gan-ymede for in-depth studies of habitability, evolution Tal vez te interesa: Sonic Smackdown, el nuevo videojuego de peleas. Throughout its mission, JUICE will observe Jupiter's atmosphere and magnetosphere, and the interaction of all four Galilean satellites -- the three icy moons plus Io -- with the gas giant planet. The JUICE Explorer (Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer) will be using Sonic’s face and cute body as a logo on some of its equipment as part of the upcoming European Space Agency mission to monitor Jupiter’s moons in 2022.

The news was made public by Sega and Japan’s Tohoku University; the former gave them permission to use the character.
ソニックが木星に? Sonic the Hedgehog is going to spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace. Why Sonic? The European Space Agency also plans to send a mission, called JUpiter ICy moons Explorer (JUICE), focusing on Ganymede, the largest of the Jovian moons. A Japanese team developing the Radio & Plasma Wave Investigation (RPWI) instrumentation for the upcoming Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer spacecraft, to be launched by ESA and Airbus in 2022, was able to gain Sega's approval to use Sonic as the mascot for the device. Sonic viajará al espacio como parte de una misión hacia Júpiter. The JUpiter ICy moons Explorer (JUICE) is an interplanetary spacecraft in development by the European Space Agency (ESA) with Airbus Defence and Space as the main contractor. The JUICE Explorer (Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer) is being built right now, and its team is gearing up for a launch in 2022. The JUpiter ICy moons Explorer (JUICE) mission, selected by ESA in May 2012 to be the first large mission within the Cosmic Vision Program 2015–2025, will perform detailed investigations of Jupiter and its system in all their inter-relations and complexity with particular emphasis on Ganymede as a planetary body and potential habitat.

L.C. It may still be five years away from launch, and over a decade before our Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer reaches the gas giant and its icy moons, but preparations are well under way.
NASA's Europa Clipper mission, launching in 2024, will visit Europa with the aim of discovering whether or not it has conditions amenable to life. The mission is expected to begin in 2022. To help shed light on the moon mystery, Batygin, along with Alessandro Morbidelli of the Côte d’Azur Observatory, set out to explain how our solar system’s largest planet, Jupiter, got its satellites. Según ha informado la Universidad de Tohoku y la cuenta oficial de Sega en Twiiter, el diseño de Sonic es uno de los elegidos para ser el símbolo del Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer (JUICE). It is expected to launch in 2022 and, after a series of flybys in the inner Solar System, arrive in 2030. In June 2022, a rocket will launch carrying the Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer, a spacecraft made by the European Agency and Airbus, and it will carry the blessing of the mascot of Sega, Sonic the Hedgehog.This is due to one of the instruments onboard was … JUICE, also known as the JUpiter ICy moons Explorer, is a European Space Agency mission intended to explore Jupiter and three of its icy moons: Europa, Callisto and Ganymede. Japan’s Tohoku University got permission to include Sonic on the Explorer's logo, as you can see above. Jupiter Icy Moon Explorer (2022) ESA's Jupiter Icy Moon Explorer (JUICE) has been selected as part of ESA's Cosmic Vision science program.

El diseño del erizo azul será plasmado en un dispositivo del Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer

Announced overnight by Sega of Japan, Sonic will be featured on the logo of the Radio and Plasma Wave Investigation, which will be part of the Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer mission spearheaded by the European Space Agency. “The question of why the icy moons are there is one we know embarrassingly little about.” Making Jupiter’s Moons. Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer.