Reload to refresh your session. To get the required amount multiply this by the size of your civilian population. Civilian Population allows you to set up a base in orbit or on the surface to bring in a civilian population of kerbals to it (no need to launch them, they show up automatically at a certain growth rate). Civilian Population v1.1.

Clean install Problem Civilian Population wont install.

Laser drill has longer reach, processor on board generates carbon dioxide. So something requiring 100 hours would only work in 100 hours real-time despite time warp. They may also come to your base or station through way of the civilian contractor dock.

Project ID 228247. Civilian Population. Background CKAN Version: v1.22.6+e8e10ae2e98e KSP Version: 1.3.1 Operating System: Ubuntu 17.10 64bit Have you made any manual changes to your GameData folder (i.e., not via CKAN)?

Civilian Population Revamp Picking up Civilian Population where michaelhester07, rabidninjawombat, and GGumby left off. Fixed bug caused by v0.0.2 where time warping no longer had an impact on Civilian growth.

I have set Civilians as Kerbals and … Download Kerbal Space Program - [.90] Civilian Population v1.1 2020 Civilian reproduction and long voyages. This growth requires a kerbal's mass in food (about 380 food). Link to post.

Adds the concept of a civilian population to Kerbal Space Program.

The civilian population will grow once it is larger than 20 members.

Clean install Problem Civilian Population wont install. ksp, kerbal space program, mod Turn your Kerbal society into a Type 1 Civilization by adding civilian exploration! Created Mar 1, 2015.

Adds the concept of a civilian population to Kerbal Space Program. So 50 population requires a minimum of 50 food to support.

Understanding the stats on the Civilian Quarters parts.


It's easy: 1:1. Each farm module is scaled to support a 1:1 quarters to farm size.

(wish i could get this old one closed to avoid confusion, but since i didn't start it, don't believe i Can. About Project. This will produce a new recruitment able Kerbal every 3 kerbin months. From there, you can recruit civilians for your space program (and with some extra parts to … Civilians generate Rent, funds at 100 per kerbin day per civilian.

Adds the concept of a civilian population to Kerbal Space Program. Share this post. Version 0.0.3 for Kerbal Space Program 1.1.3. If your civilian population is big enough (more than 50) they'll start reproducing. Contribute to rleroy/CivilianPopulation development by creating an account on GitHub.