Sunrise & Sunset. Sun & Moon Today Sunrise & Sunset Moonrise & Moonset Moon Phases Eclipses Night Sky Beta. This is the first phase after the Full Moon occurs. New Moon. Blood Moon LIVE pictures: Menacing photos as Super Blue Blood Moon tuns RED THE blood moon eclipse 2018 turned a menacing shade of deep red today as it … Moonrise & Moonset. Watch live broadcasts from NASA Television and NASA's social media channels, and a schedule of upcoming live events including news … NASA launches, landings, and events. From the Moon feed . Tune in to see the Moon from sites around the world. Live images of the Moon from around the world during GAM Lunar Week. With the Artemis program, NASA will land the first woman and next man on the Moon. The average Moon rise for this phase is between 9am and Midnight depending on the age of the phase. Fri, 22 May 2020 10:39 PDT 13 hours ago. Moonrise, Moonset, and Phase Calendar for Live, February 2020. The Moon disappears into the Sun's glare. NASA is focused on an ambitious plan to advance the nation’s space program by increasing science activities near and on the Moon and ultimately returning humans to the surface. Live Moon Webcam brought to you by the Japanese SELENE lunar Orbiter spacecraft also known as Kaguya. NASA Outlines New Lunar Science, Human Exploration Missions. AstronomyLive, a new web site, will host at least two live broadcasts focusing on the Moon on April 15 and 16.Crater Hunt will take you on a journey across the lunar surface on a hunt for the most beautiful craters visible. This video stream allows you to see the contrast between the bright and dark areas of the lunar surface, full of impact craters, hills and depressions, as well as the Earth rising above the horizon of the Moon. It lasts roughly 7 days with the Moon’s illumination growing smaller each day until the Moon becomes a Last Quarter Moon with a illumination of 50%. January February March April May June July August September October November December. The Moon today is in a Waning Gibbous Phase.