O lonely star moving in still abodesWhere fear and strife lie indolently furled,You cannot hear the rushing autumn hurledAgainst these wanderers bent with futile loads.Our broken dreams like withered leaves are swirledWhere wind-dashed lanterns fail upon the roads,And all our tragic gestured episodesEnd in forgotten graveyards of the world.But in those twilights where you A lonely starThis August nightWho are you . hey little star! Continuous as the stars that shine. when the darkness hugs the skyThou begin to spread thy brightNo any other near by. The Lonely Star stands on her own. Sep 2019 Lonely Star. What's so bad in being a lonely star?I know it's a rough startBut I've chosen this pathI'm a shiny starIn the middle of samenessAt least i have onenessWith the maker of my star. Bookmark the permalink. Autoplay next video. Published: March 2015. And twinkle on the milky way, They stretched in never-ending line. Poetry Terms Demonstrated: Anthropomorphism. And rise and sink and rise and sink again; Read Complete Poem. I am a Mexican-American girl! Poem About Waiting For The Phone To Ring. A lonely star whose light is fading is cold and crying. And I will not stand the judgement given. Why are you sitting separately from others? There are no other stars, to be found.

A lonely star blinks her goodbyes.

Lonely Star Wed, 08/03/2016 - 12:42-- KingdomDreamer. I looked at the lonely star and saw a reflection of myself. Why are you soo alone?

The painful sphere here Fear is nothing more than a bad dream. Night comes and million stars lights up the sky, They sing songs that no one heard before. Night leaves and takes all the stars with him, leaving the sun all by itself, a lonely star in a strange land. A lonely star laying on the ground; it looks to the moon, a home it never found. Lonely lonely lonely Suffering a lot without anyone. A lonely star in the sky, Is looking for a friend, It wants to die, Cause no one intend. Love is not all: it is not meat nor drink.

… The one you are pining for is gone. Wake up, it is easier than it seems. Show Menu Poetry Foundation. The Lonely Star poem by Hazel Durham. Page

Looking out into a black velvet sky so highAll directions are filled with bright lightsEveryone of them shining with their white glow. A lonely star looks down on us all. Page Lonely Star Poem by Sanoji Ruvinika Perera - Poem Hunter Sometimes I Get Lonely. Will it be the same as before In my sleep I reach out and I touch your face I just cannot feel you no more Time is a nightmare from which You never awake It drags you along And in all of this pain I think I have found You were the reason I knew that God was around Your innocent face Your thoughtful gaze You are too good for this world. A poem about letting go of lonliness and finding love where it's at. I am a Mexican-American girl! I also like you. YusufKudsi Poems . This poem is about: Me.

Eyes caught on a lonely starA star that shimmers in the skyAs bright as it looks. And the world is yours in broad daylight. But what is fear That we might clear.

Know who you are? Lonely star. Except. Nor slumber nor a roof against the rain; Nor yet a floating spar to men that sink. By Edna St. Vincent Millay. I wandered lonely as a cloud Skip to Content. Thanks for sharing. I wandered lonely as a cloud. In another world will I meet you? Page Where are your friends? Fear is Strong. I keep singing it's song. But... Can't we both be together? Page Lonely Star poem by Madathil Rajendran Nair. My mouth started moving but my soul was talking. She hides from the crowdShouting so loud She hides from prying eyes . But if it found a friend, Will he care, Or no occur. But when the nighttime rolls around. This entry was posted in Lonely, PartTimePoet101, Poem, Star and tagged Lonely, PartTimePoet101, Poem, Star. Lonely Star poem by Karima Puzon.

It takes a step and starts to fall. She doesn’t see it.


How poor you are... why soo lonely? And..... How can I tell you? A Lonely Star - Poem by Wassila Nader. Skip to main content . Poems. Sometimes I get lonely. Although I know it to be Wrong . and think my dear little star, You are soo shinning. A lonely star, falling down like an apple from a tree - it still wears a frown.

While her family is out making her smile, She is inside making herself die. She spent her whole life waiting. Yes, you. But you are a star, shining bright. The Lonely Star. And think that we are not alone.

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