If you like Machinarium you might like similar games Braid, Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors, Limbo, Psychonauts, Antichamber... Log In More to explore. 20 Games Like Machinarium (2009) Dream Alone 2D platform game with classic platform gameplay, deadly traps, dark storyline and unique hero abilities, all in Tim Burton's-like audio-visual.

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20 Games Like Machinarium (2009) Dream Alone 2D platform game with classic platform gameplay, deadly traps, dark storyline and unique hero abilities, all in Tim Burton's-like audio-visual. $5. It lasts long enough to keep your attention from start to finish. Machinarium is one of the few modern games to capture the old style point and click puzzle adventures but also manages to bring it into modern times with its quirky game aspects. Games like Machinarium ... Botanicula is a humor-filled indie adventure game created by the makers of Machinarium and Samorost.

All (50) Android (24) iOS (30) PC (26) Linux (4) Mac OS (10) PS4 (3) Xbox One (2) Nintendo 3DS (1) Nintendo Wii (1) Steam (4) Free. According to the story, someone throws the robot to the scrapyard due to any mechanical fault. Tags. In bundle. If you’ve already played Machinarium then you already know all that was previously mentioned, but if you heard of it yet haven’t played it but are a fan of puzzle point & click games then you should definitely check out Machinarium. 49 Meh. Xbox One .

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26 Machinarium Alternatives & Similar Games for PC. Filter by Platform. 1. If you like. Games.

Amanita Design. Samorost 2. Machinarium is an Addictive, Puzzle, Adventure, Point-and-Click, Hidden Object, and Single-player video game developed and published by Amanita Design. If you like Machinarium Game.

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The games like Machinarium found here focus on other point and click puzzle adventure games with an emphasis on games that offer something unique and outside the box.

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Summary: Unique point and click puzzle game. These features are then evaluated in order to create this list of games like Machinarium. It's possible to update the information on Machinarium or report it as discontinued, duplicated or spam. Our collection of games like Limbo has plenty of puzzle games that also incorporate platform like elements for fans of puzzle solving adventures. Amanita Design. Filter by Platform. The release of Limbo in 2010 added new life to a somewhat stale genre at the time with its unique take on the genre and pleasant art style. The games like Machinarium that are suggested below have been selected by GameCupid's advanced game recommendation engine, that has searched our database for games that share similar features to Machinarium.

1. 0. Samorost 2 is a short adventure game in which you help a little space gnome to save his kidnapped dog. The Solus Project. Machinarium is an independent point-and-click adventure game from Amanita Design, the Czech studio behind Samorost and Samorost 2. Machinarium was added by RemovedUser in Jun 2012 and the latest update was made in Nov 2014. Seekers Notes.


Seekers Notes is a Hidden Object, Puzzle, and Single-player Point-and-Click video game with adventure elements developed and published by MyTona. 2 Machinarium Alternatives & Similar Games for Xbox One. The game offers similar gameplay to the previous title but comes with different locations, an interactive environment, a variety of clues to discover, and more. The game takes place in the fictional world and lets the player get into the role of the robot. Samorost 3 . An exploration adventure and puzzle game from the award … My profile .