Finden Sie Ihren Kontakt Made In Space Europe Sàrl auf einem Plan in Luxembourg. Delano is the English language magazine for Luxembourg's international community, keeping you up to date with current affairs, business and lifestyle in the Grand Duchy. Made In Space Europe recognises the growing demand for affordable, space-capable robotic solutions. (Made In Space Europe) develops space-robotics for the international aerospace market. [9] On January 17, 2020, Florida governor Ron DeSantis announced the company's corporate headquarters would be relocating from Mountain View, CA to Jacksonville, FL. keeps you even more connected, with daily news, an in-depth event agenda, culture choices and comprehensive dining reviews. Made In Space Europe S.à r.l.

Made In Space Europe will work on the development of a low-cost modular robotic arm for in-space applications. Made In … The company is focused on space industrialisation, specialising in robotic arms for space applications.

Made In Space Europe employs a team of experts in robotics and space to sustainably build off-Earth robotic capabilities to enable the future of space industrialisation. Made In Space Wins 2017 Small Business Prime Contractor of the Year Award Alle Tätigkeiten von Made In Space Europe Sàrl: Robotik - Engineering. Early customers are currently under contract, with inaugural demonstration …

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Made In Space Europe remains focused on developing a mass-market, low cost robotic arm product to serve the international aerospace market. Made In Space, Inc. will open a Luxembourg facility focusing on bringing low-cost robotic systems to the European market.

Launched in February 2016 and led by Made In Space Europe will lead the technical developments of the project in Luxembourg, which are focused on developing a robotic arm for space, and evaluating the viability of a low cost, scalable robotic arm system for space missions. The accelerating pace of technological progress and the emergence of privately-funded commercial start-ups in the space sector have encouraged Luxembourg to explore more deeply the long-term economic potential of space. Jason Dunn, Founder & Director at Made In Space, said: "We see our robot arms as being integral to constructing space gateways, building lunar habitats, and assisting in the in-space construction of future space stations. Made In Space Europe expects the technology development and lessons learned under the LuxIMPULSE programme to directly influence the company’s commercial product development.