Introduction. … Closed; MNG-3106 Multiple profile activation conditions broken. It's actually a fairly involved process to check the POM for properties during profile activation (you probably wouldn't think so...). In this tutorial I'll explain how to deal with multiple deployment environments (such as development and production) from a … I want to put together an environment in Maven, where I want to activate multiple spring profiles cumulatively depending on what Maven profiles are active. I have a requirement to support multiple types of client builds using the same parent pom file. The problem is I need to do something special (delete a file) every time unless I am in one environment. One of these profiles defines what environment we are currently configured for.

Maven: 2.2.1 I have a maven project with multiple modules where multiple profiles are defined. Activation of multiple profiles at the same time. In fact the -P option will take a CSV list of profiles to activate if you wish to activate multiple profiles simultaneously. I’d like to make it so that I can activate the ldap-authentication and local-db maven profiles and then both relevant spring profiles should be activated, or when I activate let’s say ldap-authentication and live-db in maven, then those 2 spring profiles will be active. I've added the technical ability to do this in Maven trunk (2.1.x), but it still requires a custom profile activator. ... MNG-4516 Contradiction between the documentation and Maven's behavior related to profile-activation with multiple criteria.

Hello, I'm facing some behavior regarding activation of multiple profiles within a pom.xml, which is contrary to what I was expecting. I thought maybe it's because ${keystore.dir} is a folder instead of a file, so I tried it with a file but that had no effect.

Posted by Paolo Predonzani on June 23, 2009. I thought that activation was switched from OR to AND in 3.2.2[1] but I'm using 3.2.5 and I'm seeing this profile as active when the property is set even though the path exists. The pom model should be changed to allow multiple properties to activate a profile. In the parent project pom.xml file, I define a number of properties based on the profile in use. Note: The settings descriptor documentation can be found on the Maven …

Does Maven profile activation by property not work for dependent projects? The challenge for me is that different clients will use slightly different libraries. Tag: java,eclipse,maven.