1,355 talking about this. Momentus has plans for an increasingly ambitious series of space tugs, beginning with the smallsat-sized Vigoride. This video is unavailable. An example would be moving a spacecraft from a low Earth orbit (LEO) to a higher-energy orbit like a geostationary transfer orbit, a lunar transfer, or an escape trajectory.. Thanks for stopping by our page here at TrueHumanity! (Momentus) Our mission is to provide the most efficient in-space transportation services powered by deep space resource utilization, and the individuals and organizations outlined below will help us achieve our goal. Momentus provides in-space transportation services for satellites between various orbits out to deep space. Interview with Negar Feher, VP of Product and Business Development of Momentus. The term is often used to refer to reusable, space-based vehicles. Space X and Momentus are the two space companies trying to revolutionize how we use satellites. Space X is starting a program to put small.. A space tug is a type of spacecraft used to transfer spaceborne cargo from one orbit to another orbit with different energy characteristics. Space Taxi for Your Satellite – Part II Interview with Negar Feher, VP of Product and Business Development of Momentus At the beginning of the summer, we have had an amazing tour to Momentus facilities , a space tug factory in Silicon Valley. Watch Queue Queue.

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