These polls are typically unpublished and are used internally for Labour (UMR) and National (Curia). Most pollsters only include responses from within Great Britain, excluding Northern Ireland.However, some, such as Survation, do include Northern Ireland.The table below indicates whether a poll is Great Britain (GB)-only or United Kingdom (UK)-wide. Politics Labour vs National Chris Knox Sat 24/06/2017 Complete the charts to see how much you know about New Zealand politics . Labour Party has demanded an ‘urgent inquiry’ into Dominic Cummings’ 400-kilometer trip. Although these polls are sometimes leaked or partially leaked, their details are not publicly available for viewing and scrutinising. That poll came out the same day as a Newshub-Reid Research poll, which had National on 37.4 per cent, well behind Labour on 50.8 per cent. Labour has slipped two points to 43 per cent. This might reflect a lag between the earlier polls and the latest, taken over the past week. 5/23/20, 11:35 AM CEST ‘Frugal four’ propose ‘loans for loans’ approach to coronavirus recovery fund. Poll results are listed in the table below in reverse chronological order. There are fresh worries for Labour following the latest ONE News Colmar Brunton poll.

The poll, released on Thursday, shows National is continuing to drop. BY Melissa Heikkilä and Hans von der Burchard. population; politics; elections; budget; The charts below show the change in a number of national indicators during the nine years of the last Labour Government. The party has slipped three points to 26 per cent. Meanwhile, National is up 1 percentage point to 44 per cent, taking over as the most popular party. Labour has slid 5 percentage points to 43 per cent, in the second TVNZ poll of the year. Things are looking bright for a Labour-led Government, with the party widening its lead over National in the Colmar Brunton poll. National poll results. National has rebounded from the Jami-Lee Ross saga to 46 per cent, up three points, in the last 1 News Colmar Brunton poll for the year.

The Greens are now clear of the 5% threshold, with 6.4%, so a Labour/Greens combination would make 46.3%. National now has a 44.4% average, but Labour, at 39.9%, is still within range.