They are summarized below. Prevailing Wage - Local Law 27 of May 15, 2012/NYC Administrative Code Section 6-130: All building care and maintenance employees at companies that receive at least $1 million in NYC financial assistance and are larger than 100,000 square feet or more than 100 apartments must be paid no less than the prevailing wage. LABOR LAW §220 PREVAILING WAGE SCHEDULE . Workers, Laborers and Mechanics employed on a public work project must receive not less than the prevailing rate of wage and benefits for the classification of work performed by each upon such public work. OFFICE OF THE COMPTROLLER, CITY OF NEW YORK §220 PREVAILING WAGE SCHEDULE PUBLISH DATE: 7/1/2014 EFFECTIVE PERIOD: JULY 1, 2014 THROUGH JUNE 30, 2015 Page 2 of 84 Prevailing rates and ratios for apprentices are attached to this schedule in the Appendix. New York City Press Office / 212-416-8060 Albany Press Office / 518-776-2427 A.G. SCHNEIDERMAN AND NYC COMPTROLLER STRINGER ANNOUNCE ARREST OF PUBLIC WORKS CONTRACTOR CHARGED WITH PREVAILING WAGE THEFT OF NEARLY $700K Effective Period: 7/1/2017 - 6/30/2018 . The Comptroller’s hearing practice and procedure are covered by existing rules codified at Chapter 2 of Title 44 of the Rules of the City of New York. Various state and local laws vest the New York city Comptroller with authority to enforce prevailing wage laws by conducting investigations and hearings and issuing reports with recommendations or orders. The Prevailing Wage Schedule is issued annually for building service employees by the New York City Comptroller’s Office. / NYC Launches Telephone Campaign for Unclaimed Prevailing Wages May 20, 2020 By Lynn Hang New York City Comptroller Scott M. Stringer announced that his Bureau will be making telephone calls to return over $2.5 million in unclaimed prevailing wages to workers who were not properly paid on City projects. New York labor law section 220(3-a)(a)(ii) further requires covered employers to post jobsite notices and provide pay stubs and notices to covered employees with applicable prevailing wage and supplement rates, and vests the Comptroller with the authority to assess … RPTL Section 421-a(16) provides that eligible multiple dwellings containing less … Chapter 59 of the Laws of 2017 requires compliance with the prevailing wage requirements for building service workers and provides enforcement authority to the New York City Comptroller. Over the years, as additional authority has been given to the Comptroller … Blaster - Wagon: Air Trac: Quarry Bar: Drillrunners . Various state and local laws vest the New York City Comptroller with authority to set prevailing wage and supplement rates and to enforce prevailing wage and living wage laws by conducting investigations and hearings and issuing reports with recommendations or orders, depending on the provisions of the various laws. Remember... only the current 2019 - 2020 Prevailing Wage Schedule for Article 8 and Article 9 applies to work done in the present time period.

The proposed rule amendments also add the requirements for the Comptroller’s enforcement of the minimum average hourly wage requirement for construction workers in the relevant projects. Pursuant to Labor Law §220 (3-e), only apprentices who are individually registered in a bona fide program to which the … Living Wage and Prevailing Wage. Article 8 Prevailing Wage Schedules/Updates for 07/01/2019 - 06/30/2020 Important Notice to Contracting Agencies : The Prevailing Wage Schedules / Updates posted on this site are provided for informational and annual determination purposes ONLY.