Although the term most often refers to literary productions, it has been used to describe many kinds of great works, including paintings, movies, construction projects, and even surgical techniques. The greatest single work of an artist, writer, or composer.

AUMENTO DE MÚSCULOS* AUMENTO DE ENERGIA* AUMENTO DO FLUXO DE SANGUE* DIMINUIÇÃO DO CANSAÇO* O Magnum Opus® cria uma explosão anabólica, causando um incrível crescimento muscular. Define magnum opus. Der Magnum Opus ist Max Fahrzeug, das sich Stück für Stück verbessern lässt.

Magnum Opus Razer makes top-notch keyboards and mice, but their headsets usually are aimed at capturing an aesthetic than delivering high fidelity sound.

Master the intricate, physical machinery of the transmutation engine— the alchemical engineer’s most advanced tool— and use it to create vital remedies, precious gemstones, deadly weapons, and more. Plus, they automatically pause or play when you take them off or put them on.

a great work, especially the chief work of a writer or artist: Proust's magnum opus is Remembrance of Things Past. n 1. a great work of art... Magnum opus - definition of magnum opus by The Free Dictionary.

Magnum Opus) ist ein Event-Gebäude, das beim Vincent van Gogh-Event 2018 erhältlich war. . The Opus offers about 25 hours of use (with ANC active) per charge.

5 Min 15 Min 1 Std 4 Std 8 Std 1 T Bronzezeit 10 30 10 20 1 1 1 6 Eisenzeit 30 48 20 50 1 1 1 8 Frühes Mittelalter 40 120 30 80 1 2 1 9 Hochmittelalter magnum opus - a great work of art or literature work of art - art that is a product of one of the fine arts (especially a painting or sculpture of artistic merit)

Das Magnum Opus (engl. Opus Magnum is the latest open-ended puzzle game from Zachtronics, the creators of SpaceChem, Infinifactory, TIS-100, and SHENZHEN I/O. Dein Leben – Dein Meisterwerk.

n. 1.
Unsere Erde – ein Meisterwerk. Zu Beginn des Spiels erleben wir wie Max in einen Kampf mit Scrotus' War Boys gerät und dadurch seinen Interceptor ("Black in Black") an Scrotus verliert. Franz Köcher's magnum opus on Babylonian and Assyrian medicine, which was envisioned to include cuneiform copies, translations, and commentary, was unfinished at his death in 2002 with six volumes of cuneiform copies accompanied by brief introductory comments and citation of parallels and duplicates. Zwar versucht Max ihn zurückzuholen, scheitert jedoch bei einem… A great work, especially a literary or artistic masterpiece. Menü und Widgets magnum opus - a great work of art or literature work of art - art that is a product of one of the fine arts (especially a painting or sculpture of artistic merit) Magnum OPUS® VOCÊ NUNCA CONSTRUIU MÚSCULOS DESTA MANEIRA ANTES. magnum opus synonyms, magnum opus pronunciation, magnum opus translation, English dictionary definition of magnum opus.

opus-magnum. magnum opus (plural magna opera or magnum opuses or (nonstandard) magnum opi) A great or important work of literature, music or art, a masterpiece.

The best, most popular, or most renowned achievement of an author or artist, representing their major life effort.