Fairuza Balk as Paula. Three women's escapes from their afflicted lives.

Tim Guinee as Lee. Personal Velocity is a tale of three women who have reached a turning point in their lives. Parker Posey as Greta. Kyra Sedgwick as Delia. … Personal Velocity' is a kind of omnibus film, three stories, each quite distinct, but all by the same author, Rebecca Miller, who has adapted them and directed them for her own movie, directing three different women in the main roles in each. With Kyra Sedgwick, Parker Posey, Fairuza Balk, John Ventimiglia. The camera follows her, close on what the narrator (John Ventimiglia) calls her "strong, heavy ass." ... or embodies hope. John Ventimiglia as Narrator. Personal Velocity (Audio Download): Rebecca Miller, Barbara Barnes, Audible Studios: Amazon.com.au: Audible Directed by Rebecca Miller. Nicole Murphy as May Wurtzle. Personal Velocity: Three Portraits is a 2002 American independent film written and directed by Rebecca Miller . The vibrantly fresh and lustrous stories in Miller's collection explore the multifaceted lives of women in seven arresting portraits. Personal Velocity (2002) Rated R For Brief Violence, Some Strong Sexuality and Language 86 minutes Cast. 5 External links. Each struggles to flee from the men who confine their personal freedom. 3.1 Critical reception. Check out this great listen on Audible.com.