This was first of its kind agency in the sub-continent, leaving behind both China and India.

(Remote sensing is remotely gathered data, mostly from a satellite in space, for various applications, including land mapping, meteorology, and urban planning.) In July 2011, the National Command Authority approved the Space Program 2040. Given the country’s meager financial resources, ... achieve all the targets of Pakistan’s Space Vision 2040. India now has a thriving space program that includes communication and navigation satellites, research missions to Mars and in 2017 made space flight history by launching a rocket that delivered a staggering 100 satellites into space on one single launch! In 2011, as part of Pakistan’s Space Program 2040, the Chinese-manufactured PAKSAT-1R, an upgraded version of PAKSAT-1, was launched in China. The space program was approved by Ayub Khan, and Pakistan established its first space agency in 1961. The program was launched with the Space program 2040 (an official space policy of Government of Pakistan) after being approved by the Prime minister Yousaf Raza Gillani to enhance the separate astronomy and astrophysics programmes of SUPARCO, under one programme. The Pakistan Remote Sensing program has now replaced the Badr program, and Pakistan Remote Sensing Satellite-I, an optical and earth observation satellite, was launched into space from a Chinese facility in July 2018. Lagging behind: 2040 - Pakistan’s space od[d]yssey Share Tweet The countr­y’s space resear­ch progra­mme, Suparc­o, starte­d off with great promis­e – but has little to show for it. PAKSAT-1R was a … Despite Pakistan being a relatively poor country, it has a significant space program. Unveiling Reality 48,003 views. 5:18.

Pakistan Space Program in 2040 || Vision 2040 ?? However, Pakistan lags far behind many other countries, particularly India, in the space race. According to a report by Pakistan’s state-owned Associated Press of Pakistan (APP) , the PSC will undertake its programs “in accordance with international space standards” in the coming years.

Five GEO and six LEO satellites will be launched till 2040. || Pakistan Space Agency SUPARCO - Duration: 5:18. Pakistan News: Pakistan is set to launch an ambitious space programme during the next fiscal year with an aim to keep an eye on the Indian side and reduce its depend This was first of its kind agency in the sub-continent, leaving behind both China and India. How …

Pakistan announced, on 25 October 2018, that Pakistan is going to send an astronaut into space in 2022 with the help of China. On 14 May 2018, the Government of Pakistan announced that it will establish the Pakistan Space Centre (PSC) to spearhead the domestic development and manufacturing of satellites. Work on … Vision 2040 started with the launch of Paksat-1R on 11 August 2011. Pakistan’s Space Programme ... 2009, the centre has started Master’s program in Geo-informatics as a constituent of the Institute of Space Technology. Author:

The University of Karachi, Pakistan, for example, does not confer degrees in astrophysics and astronautics.This state of affairs reflects a 'top-down' decision to call into existence an space agency despite grinding poverty and lack of educational infrastructure.