See more. piked adj. Learn more. pike or pikes 1. See more. Piker definition, a person who does anything in a contemptibly small or cheap way. Frat; Liked by only one group at every college: Themselves; Known for being good at three things: 1) Snorting Cocaine 2) Lifting Weights 3) Date Raping any of various fishes (family Esocidae) related to the pike: such as.

ing , pikes To attack or pierce with a pike. pickerel. One who trades securities on a small time, even amatuerish fashion. n. pl. pike: [noun] a large elongate long-snouted freshwater bony fish (Esox lucius) valued for food and sport and widely distributed in cooler parts of the northern hemisphere — called also#R##N# northern, northern pike. pike definition: 1. a large fish that lives in lakes and rivers and eats other fish 2. a turnpike US: 3. a long…. Pike definition, any of several large, slender, voracious freshwater fishes of the genus Esox, having a long, flat snout: the blue pike of the Great Lakes is now extinct. muskellunge.