Normally, the max level is 10. A few Pokémon also need to meet a condition such as gender to evolve; these are also listed. There are also 20 Expert stages and 9 Special stages. The codes are a simple 8 digit number. Pokémon evolutions by level This is a list of Pokémon that evolve upon reaching a certain level, which is the most common evolution method. Matching Mega-Evolved Pokémon scores many more points and can remove a large swathe of Pokémon. Mega-Evolving Pokémon require their corresponding Mega Stone. The gifts include various items but are only redeemable once. Each of the main stages is unlocked by beating the previous one. Players can level up their Pokemon by grinding through different levels and challenges. Pokémon Shuffle. Hihumi-Games-【ヒ二三-電脳遊戯-】 12,509 views There are 700 stages in both the 3DS version and the mobile version. This is a list of Pokémon in the order displayed by the Pokémon List in Pokémon Shuffle.As … Like all the games, Pokémon Shuffle features a variety of Pokémon to be captured. There are 150 normal stages, the final one being at the end of Jungle Verde with Mega Mewtwo Y. However, Special changes are subject to change. The player must complete the tutorial (first 11 stages) before they have access to the Expert Stages and the Special Stages. There's an ever-increasing amount of Pokémon available within this game, including multiple forms of the Pokémon, and their Mega Evolution. The 3DS update v1.3 and Mobile update v1.6 introduced this new item and allowed for certain Pokémon to be able to have their max levels raised. In Pokémon Shuffle, your goal is to clear various stages by lining up the same Pokémon and clearing these matches from the puzzle area. Cobalion: 1 minute 30 seconds Unlocked after S Ranking 220 normal stages: 21433: 1%: Stage EX28 Pokémon Shuffle consists of over 200 main stages, over 20 expert stages plus numerous special stages. Pokémon Details. These codes are limited time and accessed through the standard game menu.

So there are 170 permanent stages in Pokémon Shuffle. Click a table heading to sort or use the controls above it to filter. Pokemon Shuffle is a match-em style Nintendo 3DS and mobile game first released in 2015. (Click here for a comprehensive … Pokémon Shuffle S-Rank Guide: Stages 180-250 Best Pokémon Shuffle team compositions and item usages to beat all of the Stages from Stage 180 to Stage 250. Expert Stages (Japanese: エキストラステージ Extra Stages) in Pokémon Shuffle are unlocked based on the number of Main Stages the player has achieved an S-rank on. All Pokémon begin at level 1, with a maximum level of 10. The player cannot access Expert Stages until they complete Stage 12. They are all listed below in the relevant tabs. Distribution Method. Pokemon Shuffle is an addicting match-3 puzzle game, but it’s not easy to complete levels let alone capture creatures.

There are many Mega Pokémon in Pokémon Shuffle. For more information, look here.. One of … All Expert Stages are time-limited stages, in contrast to the move-limited Main Stages. - Duration: 19:53. Main Stages contain the core stages of the game, consisting of several areas each with 10, 15, 30, 50, or 60 stages. As a Pokémon's level increases, its Attack power increases as well, with how much it increases per level determined by the Pokémon's Attack power at level 1. Pokémon Shuffle-ポケとる- #26 Mega Mewtwo Y, Togekiss, Heracross-メガミューツーY・トゲキッス・ヘラクロス- stage etc. Pokémon Shuffle-ポケとる- #551 Primal Groudon(no item)-ゲンシグラードン(ノーアイテム)- stage - Duration: 3:56. Raise Max Levels or RMLs are enhancements that increase a Pokemon’s level cap by one. Expert Stages contain many powerful Pokémon and are unlocked when the player has … Follow these quick tips and tricks to defeat opponents faster in move and timer-based levels. Each Pokémon in Pokémon Shuffle has a level, which increases when it gains enough experience.