Many years ago an expert committee convened by the World Health Organization recommended that the words psychosomatic medicine and psychosomatic illness should be avoided because when these terms are used they imply most diseases (i.e., those that are not psychosomatic) are either purely physical or purely psychological. Some physical diseases are thought to be especially prone to worsen by mental factors such as anxiety and stress. A person's current mental …

A psychosomatic disorder is a disease involving both mind and body, in other words. Search Sign In Don't have an account? Add new page. The strongest perspective on psychosomatic disorders is that attempting to distinguish between purely physical and mixed psychosomatic disorders is increasingly obsolete as almost all physical illness have mental factors that determine their onset, presentation, maintenance, susceptibility to … FANDOM. Psychosomatic concepts have contributed greatly to those approaches to medical care. TopContent . 34,258 Pages. L'alexithymie est une difficulté à identifier, différencier et exprimer ses émotions, ou parfois celles d'autrui.Ce trait de personnalité est communément observé parmi les patients présentant des troubles du spectre autistique et des symptômes psychosomatiques [réf. Register Psychology Wiki. The word, 'psychosomatic,' means mind or, 'psyche,' and body or, 'soma.' DEFINITION • A group of ailments in which emotional stress is a contributing factor to physical problems involving an organ system under involuntary control.

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