Research and shop all the latest gear from the world of Fashion, Sport, and everywhere in between. This Puma work from Droga5 celebrates the “after-hours athlete,” the one that would rather take a 5 a.m. cab than a 5 a.m. run.

PSFK LLC 536 Broadway 11th Floor New York NY 10012 +1 646.520.4672 'After Hours Athlete' is a long day’s night of recreational sport scored to a sage VO that recognizes the …

Puma 'after hours athlete' by Droga5.

Finally, a sneaker campaign I can relate to. Puma and Droga5 are bringing back the joy of being active with PUMA Social, a new initiative celebrating the athlete in all of us. Creative concepting for Puma and Puma Social that mixed the fun of sport with the fun of the night. Do You.

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Puma has launched a global campaign to promote a new category of footwear, Puma Social, for the 'after hours athlete'. Pick up After Hours Athletes - exclusively on PlayStation 3 - and revel in the fun of late night games.

Run The Streets. At least in theory. Puma: "After Hours Athlete" Broadcast, print and social campaign for Puma.

Droga5’s new spot for Puma, 'After Hours Athlete', introduces a nocturnal set who embody the resolve of seasoned competitors and optimistic spirit of youthful players.

The champion of late night games It's not about losing weight or burning calories - it's about getting together with your mates, playing some late night games and having a good time.