TRADEABLE. 04 Oct 2017. hot. TRADEABLE . r/ d2TreasureSimulator. June 16, 2017 - Dota Team Immortal Treasure II is now available, featuring all-new items for Pudge, Bloodseeker, Lina, Treant Protector, Elder Titan, and Chaos Knight. August 5, 2019 - Dota Team Today’s update unveils Immortal Treasure III, featuring all-new items for Axe, Clinkz, Lycan, Mars, Terrorblade, and Slardar. Posted by. Purchase. The … This treasure can be obtained by leveling the Fall 2016 Battle Pass, or through purchase from the Dota 2 store. Rambling Fatebender. Origin . The Plaguemonger.

Exponent of the Endless Stars. All items in this treasure come tagged with Frostivus 2018.

Dota 2. Each Immortal Treasure II you open also offers increasing odds to receive a rare Keeper of the Light mount or an ultra rare Necrophos scythe. r/d2TreasureSimulator: Dota 2 Treasure Simulator Subreddit. u/cris9696. Regular . 1.1 Regular; 1.2 Very Rare; 1.3 Extremely Rare; 2 See also; Contents .
Contents. r/d2TreasureSimulator. Purchase.

Havoc of Dragon Palace.

Opus of the Vizier Exile. Allure of the Deep. 1.1 Regular; 1.2 Rare; 1.3 Very Rare; 2 See also; Contents . Regular . 1 Contents. Contents.

Released. 66 – Duration: 10:11. hOlyhexOr Recommended for you.

User account menu. Silent Edict. In addition to one of those items, each of these treasures you open also offers increasing odds to receive a very rare Golden version of the Axe item or an ultra rare Necrophos item. Dota 2 Best Moments of Reddit – Ep. Frostivus 2018 Treasure I: Treasure: Rarity: Mythical. MARKETABLE. MARKETABLE.

Posts. Treasures are purchasable boxes that contain cosmetic items.They are obtained through the Dota 2 Store, charms, or the item drop system.Each treasure can be opened once to receive one or more random items from its listed contents. 1 Contents. If the price is variable and subject to change, please make it clear. Buy Now in Store. Origin. 10:11. 4 years ago. I have over 1500+ hours on lol and just reached 1000+ hours on dota 2. Contents. hot new controversial top rising. Buy Now on Market. Sort . All items in this treasure can be recycled in the Armory to add 500 Battle Points to the Fall 2016 Battle Pass. This treasure was made for Frostivus 2018. * Dota 2 giftables transaction only viable if the two steam user parties have been friends for 30 days. 21 Dec 2018. Dota 2 Best Moments of Reddit – Ep. Frostreach Brigands. Otherwise, it's good etiquette to adhere to the buy out first listed and agreed upon. 68 – Duration: 10:36. Corridan Maestro. 1 Contents. Treasure of the Emerald Revival: Treasure: Rarity: Rare. log in sign up. View.

Buy Now on Market. 1.1 Regular; 1.2 Ultra Rare; 2 See also; Contents Regular .
Buy Now in Store. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Fathomless Ravager. * Please be clear in your terms and price. Press J to jump to the feed. 1. Released. Iceplain Ravager. Renegading on the Buy Out price will be subject to reddit ban and steamrep red marked.