The state of being reversed. A character reversal would be like Colonel Foster in Acts of Honor. ... References in classic literature? Description. Create a reversal of some kind in the story, for example the reversal of fortunes of a major character, perhaps going from bad luck to good luck or vice versa.. b. Reversal definition, an act or instance of reversing. reversal definition: The definition of a reversal is a change in the opposite direction, or a cancellation. Define reversal. A reversal in character. A usually adverse change in fortune: financial reversals.

Yes, reversal scenes are in just about every movie… and for good reason, too.

A reversal is when something (character, plot) appears to be one thing, or going on way, and changes on a dime so that there’s a perspective shift and the reader (and characters) see that thing differently.

The reversal scene allows for a character to change his motivation or goal. For this reason, these scenes usually happen in real time (lasting about three to four minutes), allowing the audience to experience the full change or realization with the character. Reversal . 2. reversal synonyms, reversal pronunciation, reversal translation, English dictionary definition of reversal.

Reversal definition is - an act or the process of reversing. The act or an instance of reversing.

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reversal meaning: 1. the act of changing or making something change to its opposite: 2. a problem or failure: 3…. Disciplines > Storytelling > Story Devices > Reversal. How to use reversal in a sentence. See more.