But, heard it will not happen. This was the episode where Charlotte and Sidney finally kissed and Lord Babington (Mark Stanley) gets to woo Esther (Charlotte Spencer) for the first time since she realise how bad her stepbrother was for her.
It begins, as all period dramas ought to, with a coach accident. Fans of Jane Austen say the late author would be 'turning in her grave' after the sad ending of her last, unfinished novel Sandition aired last night. I do wonder why Sidney did not ask Babington for the money. It was winter when Jane Austen realized she was dying. Also, Young Stringer emotional reaction of his father’s death. I did get teary eyed for Esther getting her happiness and Charlotte leaving Sanditon.

Except in the final episode of the series ... Sanditon Finale Recap: ... movie review Yesterday at 4:05 p.m. Sanditon viewers furious with "not very Jane Austen" series finale ... ITV aired the series finale of Sanditon tonight ... the final episode saw the majority of romantic storylines resolved. Sanditon’s ending explained. He is s Lord after all.
Sanditon's strong conceit gives way to too many episodes that serve as clunky filler between Charlotte's disastrous first encounter with Sidney and their eventual oozy denouement. I did love the final episode!!! All in all, I would love to see a season two!! As for his Sanditon, it’s good dirty end-of-the-pier fun but about as enduring as an ice-cream cone. The final episode of Sanditon was a big soppy affair, filled with romantic moments.

The final episode of Sanditon sees Charlotte Heywood leave town after arriving just eight episodes prior. [Editor’s Note: This review contains spoilers for “Sanditon,” including the ending.].