Minotaur-C (Minotaur Commercial), formerly known as Taurus or Taurus XL, is a four stage solid fueled launch vehicle built in the United States by Orbital Sciences (now Northrop Grumman) and launched from SLC-576E at California's Vandenberg Air Force Base.It is based on the air-launched Pegasus rocket from the same manufacturer, utilizing a "zeroth stage" in place of an airplane. 5 worst Rocket launch failures . The launch failure follows close on the heels of another Soyuz issue, in which a hole was discovered Aug. 29 on the MS-09 spacecraft that delivered the most recent crew to the space station. $\begingroup$ @Octopus I'm simply saying this is a way to relate Russell Borogove's data (sourced from Wiki) that the Atlas family have one partial failure in 120 launches to the "overall average" that one gets - 94% success rate in 3024 launches. #sciencevideos #rocketlaunch #nasa #spacex #isro #spacevideos #sciencefacts #spacefacts #didyouknow #didyouknowfacts Russell correctly pointed out that one might expect more recent rockets to be more reliable. . In what was certainly one of the most spectacular-looking launch vehicle failures ever, a Delta II 7925 rocket violently exploded just 17 seconds after lift-off in January of 1997.