This level should be sufficient to allow the time and date code to be received without difficulty, and in all areas This article is from the Rugby Union FAQ, by (Mees Roelofs) with numerous contributions by others. The build-up, coverage and post-match analysis involving our local rugby league teams.

Howewver that will change from location to location depending on the frequencies of local radio, taxis, PA etc.

Call 08000 665 959.

However, a broadcasting license is required for any use of Text 81333, and start your message with RH, or email For games where they sell the reflink radios, they actually use several frequencies, one for the ref, one for the ARs/TMO and then they broadcast the ref transmissions on an FM frequency at about the 92 Mhz end of the radio channel.

The frequency differs from stadium to stadium, so no unambiguous answer can be given. Tune in for all the latest stories and views from around the world, including live coverage of the 2020 HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series. 2.8 What frequency is the RefLink system broadcasting on? Common clock problems Common problems with radio-controlled clocks The MSF signal transmitted from Anthorn (in Cumbria, UK) provides a signal strength in excess of 100 microvolts per metre at a distance of 1000 km. BBC national and local radio provide commentary for matches from the Premiership, Pro14 league, European Champions Cup and European Challenge Cup throughout the season. World Rugby Radio - World Rugby Radio - the home of international rugby on the airwaves.