Resonant leadership: Cycle of Sacrifice and Renewal. Years ago, when I was a 23-year-old assistant HR manager at a large department store, one of our sales associates suffered a heart attack and died while at work. If we are not careful, we can succumb to the Sacrifice Syndrome, where we are overdrawn physically, mentally, emotionally, and often spiritually. This action usually leads to a negative cycle that only increases the stress of the crisis and ultimately leads to burnout. The solution is to activate the renewal cycle to recover.

Health and renewal Therefore, a key skill that leaders need is being able to maintain a constant process of renewal – mental, physical and spiritual renewal, what Boyatzis and McKee (2005) call the cycle of sacrifice and renewal. No matter how effective you've been so far, the reality is, that there comes a point where you can't lead. Top executives are burning out from the “sacrifice syndrome.” Understanding this cycle and intentionally focusing on renewal and resonance can save a career and a life. A way to avoid Shortcuts, impulsivity. Power Stress leads to Dissonance. This leads to Sacrifice Syndrome. It needs to be a practice that will enable you to engage with these three essential facets of life as a school leader. Leads to Power Stress. With leadership, as with many other aspects of life, a proper selfishness is needed: one must first

Understanding the Sacrifice Syndrome and explore the cycle of renewal; Understand why EQ is central to leadership success; This element of emotional intelligence and a new neuroscience that emerged in 2003 has become the hot topic for the 21 st century. You need to interrupt the sacrifice syndrome with real renewal. So, it is the daily dosage of renewal in balance with the sacrifice syndrome of the chronic stress that … If you are within the grips of the Sacrifice Syndrome, then it is essential that you develop an intentional renewal practice that is a part of your everyday leadership life. There is cognitive, perceptual and emotional deterioration. Give too much of selves. Renewal breaks the Cycle of Sacrifice and Renewal and counteracts dissonance. You have to build regular practices into daily life that spark psychological and physical renewal. Rubs off on employees via Emotional Contagion. It is a source of personal renewal, in that it actually causes physiological changes that renew us and increase our resilience. If you will, we're calling the renewal cycle. Balance & Renewal – Tool B My Sacrifice Syndrome Checklist No matter how talented and committed we are, with pressure and demands, it’s easy to slip into mindlessness. You’ll accumulate it with the passage of time and start to experience what is called the SACRIFICE SYNDROME.