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you could have the player simply click "school of dragons", then have the camera zoom in and go from a drawn picture to an overview of the island.

Offline . Dragons Admin Update: Gameplay Issues. The school of Dragon is based on the movie, ‘How To Train Your Dragon.’ in this game the users are supposed to join hiccup, toothless Astrid, and the other Vikings. School of Dragons Gameplay. Login/Register. Login or register to post comments; 30 replies Fri, 12/09/2016 - 22:01 DatOneTrumpet ... thinking about making it more organized.

• Venture across 30 islands and lands and embark on epic quests and more!

Hello Fellow Vikings, We are aware of the recent gameplay issues with the School of Dragons, causing some login and access problems for users. The dragon eggs are dragon egg mystery boxes, which should be in her backpack in the chest icon page if you scroll down. Login or register to post comments; Forum Login. Top. Login or register to post comments; 4 replies Thu, 05/21/2020 - 09:25 ... Go to the Headmaster (he's in the School in the game) and he should have all the expansion quests for you.

The gameplay is based on the customization of your personal dragons to enjoy the bountiful quests. Adopt a Chicken! NEW FORUM TOPICS . Login or register to post comments; 11 replies Sat, 03/17/2018 - 21:01 Brynjolf . Features and design. My dragons got removed from their stables... Random Vikings appearing in my account, also we shouldn't need to pay gems to delete vikings.

Game School of Dragons is a quite amazing game, well even though this game is quite complicated like I said before, this game able to take around 10.000.000 – 50.000.000 players attention to download and play this game on Google Play Store.

The came typically revolves around the same story of the Dragon and the boy, where he tried to say the Dragon from his enemies.

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Like, for the school, wilderness, etc. • Customize your dragons with thousands of colors and skins, so no 2 dragons look alike! Race your favorite dragon with other competitors on the same platform, fly and dive into a science-filled world to discover new horizons.

• Fly dragons and race against your friends in over 30 courses! Just like all the other games in the year 2018, this game is also supported by ads. Check out further information about this game on my gameplay review below.

The team is working hard to get this back up and running right … The basis of the game is to customize and upgrade your dragon, train them to give an alarming competition on the ground.

Hope you like it ^^ _____ Me and xeno!

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• Hatch and collect dragons in your stables and send them out on dragon missions to bring back treasure and loot! Suggestions for better gameplay. So this was my first SOD gameplay, showing off some of the dragons in the game. School of Dragons Admin .