… Medicine Wheel Shamanic training (Journeying with the Power of the 4 Directions) Shaman Journey with the Power and Wisdom of the Solar Seasons Soul Witness Dancing in a Shamanic Tribal Soul tradition Drumming Circle and Medicine Wheel Clan teachings - Building a Medicine Bundle The Beauty Way: Path of abundance and Good Fortune Private: Soul Memory Work & Shaman Journey Training. Home; ABOUT ISM. Shamanic Medicine wheel and Energy Medicine training! Every four months you will attend a 3 day class, learning the ancient wisdom & healing methods to heal yourself and others. 2.

Free shamanic music and drumming. Podcast episode on the Four Directions of the Medicine Wheel.

Awaken Your Medicine Power Within. It is through the medicine wheel that we heal not only our own wounds, traumas, limiting beliefs, fears, and personal mythology, but that we heal the fundamental underlying myths of our culture and the nature of our relationship with the Earth and all of our relations.


This is a year long journey of transformation and healing.

Visit this page for more on the Medicine Wheel. The Medicine Wheel is a process that Shamans have passed on orally since the beginning of time. Thanks to the Medicine Wheel, this man came to realize that constantly living with the far-sighted clarity of this bird in the sky came with the disadvantage of never being able to feel close, or touched, by anything or anyone. After making this connection, this man was able to make deep changes in his life and feel more connected with others. Payment plans are available by request. Receive ancient Rites of Passage.

Informing and enriching, the Medicine Wheel guides participants on their personal healing journeys, re-connects them with nature. Rising Fire Medicine Wheels are taught by senior teacher Rosemary Beam, with the assistance of Healers Training Program students.

About ISM; Gael Carter; Marilyn Keffer; Rae-ann Wood-Schatz ; Sonya Weir; SHAMANIC … Or if you’re new to journey work and wish to develop your own relationship with spirit, get started with journey work here.

Peruvian Cross-Cultural Shamanic Medicine Wheel Program The cost of the Medicine Wheel Journey is $500 per weekend , adding up to a total cost of $2,000.00 for the complete training. Free E-Book: The Medicine Wheel – A Sacred Container for Your Life; NEWSLETTER; MEDICINE JOURNEYS; CALENDAR; FIND A SHAMANIC COACH; SHOP; PROGRAM PAYMENT; CONTACT; The Institute of Shamanic Medicine.

Experience a ceremonial fire, journey to meet power animals, learn Incan healing techniques and shamanic breathing. Podcast episode on Getting to Know the Medicine Wheel.

Medicine Wheel Weekend Workshops are $485.