The war began when Egypt planned to capture Israel, which was seen by the Arab world as an illegitimate state. The backdrop to the event is complicated, but its roots lay in the actions of Egyptian President Gamal Nasser. On the morning of June 5, 1967, Israel launched a preemptive strike against Egyptian forces in response to Egypt's closing of the Straits of Tiran. Six Day War synonyms, Six Day War pronunciation, Six Day War translation, English dictionary definition of Six Day War. Six-Day War synonyms, Six-Day War pronunciation, Six-Day War translation, English dictionary definition of Six-Day War. In his attempt to achieve the goal of pan-Arabism – i.e. Noun 1. 776 Israeli soldiers fell in the Six-Day War. Middle East Six-Day War was 'totally devastating' for Palestinians. History. The Six-Day War was a war that started on 5 June 1967 and ended 10 June 1967. The Six-Day War: Table of Contents|Background & Overview|War Maps. By June 11, the conflict had come to include Jordan and Syria. The fight was between Israel and Egypt, Jordan, and Syria, but many other countries helped out the different sides. Whilst all branches of the service had performed well, the Air Force had, for the first time, played a decisive role: clearing the skies at the outset made all that followed possible.

The Six Day War. Arguably the most dramatic and emotional event in recent Jewish history is the Six Day War. This was the War of the Air Force. n a war fought in the Middle East in June 1967, lasting six days.