I strongly support the introduction of “Scottish Digital Citizenship” for everyone who lives in Scotland and uses public services here. It certainly does not offer a coherent model for a Scottish society in which the rights and duties of citizenship are clearly spelt out. All you need to do, Mr Cameron, is to be at your holiday home in Argyll on independence day. Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon launched her party's general election blueprint - calling for more powers to be devolved to Scotland and for another independence referendum Scottish MP resorts to sign language because Tory can't understand his Glaswegian accent SNP's David Linden fails to get answer to his question in the House of Commons. Share Devolved public services touch on all people’s lives from education, health, justice, environment, transport, local government, agriculture, fisheries and include new services like some aspects of social security. The SNP backlash came as 19-year-old Begum said the Home Secretary's call was "unjust" and "heart-breaking" - and she may try for Dutch citizenship via her IS husband.