Tweets by esa. SOWG #14: 9-11 July, ESAC. SWA consortium meeting, 10-11 October, MSSL, UK. SWT #25: 16-17 October 2019, ESTEC . On 21 April, a lengthy sequence of commands was sent to Solar Orbiter to take full spectra in two wavelength bands via one of four narrow slits oriented towards the centre of the Sun’s disc. Solar Orbiter (this is not the actual site) SPICE - Solar Orbiter new. It is a high resolution imaging spectrometer operating at extreme ultraviolet wavelengths. SPICE instrument is a specto-imager which main scientific objective is to characterize the plasma in the solar atmosphere and in the regions where the solar wind originates. January 2020: SPICE is now on social media! View all Meetings .

9-10 February 2020: Solar Orbiter was launch in the night of 9-10 February 2020, from Cape Canaveral, with SPICE onboard. All four slits, and different times of exposure were employed in order to check the complete gamut of capabilities of SPICE. SPICE is one of 10 instruments on board Solar Orbiter. Twitter: @spice_on_SolO and Instagram: @solarorbiter_spice. Follow us! February 2020: Small SPICE consortium meeting planned on Thursday 6 2020 in the afternoon, ahead of the launch. Solar Orbiter new About Payload SPICE Upcoming Events. Spectral Imaging of the Coronal Environment (SPICE) Further information … Before reaching this aperture the solar beam is restricted by the heat-shield feed-through baffle, which extends to approximately 30cm ahead of SPICE, and this restricts the angular range of illumination and so also the solar heat load onto the SPICE aperture and door. MADAWG: 11-13 September, London. SPICE produces spectroheliograms on a field of view of 8 arcmin.