Print out this space quizand test your students knowledge. Maybe all you need to kick-start your kid’s study habits is a change of scenery! To do this they need awesome digital tools to explore and work with. If you’re having trouble getting your kids to do homework, check out these cool study room ideas.

Students will learn the principles of photography and enjoy a level of creativity not found with digital photography. Along with them are … These activities are related to FoilSim, EngineSim, and the Beginner's Guides to Propulsion, and Aerodynamics.

Most of these activities are intended for high school students (9-12) although there some activities noted for younger students (K-6), (6-8).

I have a number of projects where students will compute radiation doses using simple tools to understand and estimate the effects of long-term radiation exposure on astronaut health. Introduces the concept of spectroscopy and how a NASA instrument can measure ozone at different altitudes.

A back-to-school homework space that’s quiet for focus, colorful for inspiration and organized to reduce distractions would make homework time a pleasure for most […] Project for Public Spaces (PPS) is the central hub of the global Placemaking movement, connecting people to ideas, resources, expertise, and partners who share a passion for creating vital places. Tags research discovery Space engineering physics Math Deep Space. We will focus on the Low Earth Orbit, transit to Mars, and radiation exposure on the Martian surface. Disciplines: Physics (optics), engineering design, astronomy Activity: Hands-on project, working individually or in small groups of two or three. Note that while I am in a middle school, I’ve seen all four of these projects done at both the elementary and high school levels. "Containing projects that … Evil … As Clark Nexsen’s student life practice looks to the future, our experts consider trends appearing in other markets to evaluate how they have potential to impact student preferences and shape better outcomes for our college and university clients. It also aims to build such fundamental skills as team building and leadership acumen. Students will learn through the activity and complete a hands on project while learning how everything in… From Added February 23, 2017. Students are invited to build a spectroscope themselves, from poster board, construction paper, and using a CD or DVD as the diffraction grating. Project Imua is supported by UH Mānoa, the main Hawaiʻi Space Grant Consortium campus, which provides technical assistance through Hawaiʻi Space Flight Laboratory’s resources and personnel. Have students design and build their own spaceship. NASA STEM Engagement has developed a series of STEM products and opportunities that provide a platform for students to contribute to NASA’s endeavors in exploration and discovery.

This space allows all students of the college to create products and projects that have an impact on the real world. Project Imua is funded by a two-year $500,000 grant awarded under the NASA Space Grant Competitive Opportunity for Partnerships with Community Colleges and Technical Schools. Brainstorm what living on the moon would be like. Budget Friendly Projects for Your Makerspace Here’s some of my favorite budget friendly projects for makerspaces. And the college even has a virtual maker space, which gives students access to numerous files that they can use to create their own projects and then send to 3D printers/laser cutters around the college’s campus.