* Note: It has been revealed that the very first herald to Galactus is known as the Fallen One , but he was imprisoned by Galactus possibly because of his corrupt nature. Stardust then began to search for worlds Galactus could devour, noting that she loved Galactus. Free shipping for many products! Stardust is one of the oldest beings in the universe. Stardust and Red Shift (another herald of Galactus) briefly stop a large powerful beam of energy released from Galactus when Galactus was being used as a weapon in Annihilation.

Stardust then proofed his loyalty by giving Galactus the energies of the last Ethereals and Galactus decided that it was time for him to have two heralds at once. Stardust and some other heralds destroy Annihilation Wave ships.

Not only did she help Galactus in his quest to find new planets, she would murder any and all survivors she came across, showing no mercy whatsoever.
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Stardust was one of the Etherals, known as Lamada-Zero before she became Galactus’ Herald. Achetez HEROCLIX Stardust Herald of Galactus # 103 (Limited Edition) - Avengers : Jeux et Jouets : Amazon.fr Livraison gratuite possible dès 25€ But Galactus teleported the heralds billions of miles across the universe while he teleported down to the Earth. Stardust, a Herald of Galactus, also known as Entity Lambda-Zero. Stardust(Herald of Galactus) Custom Type: Action Figure: Toy Series: Marvel Legends: Creator: rexticon : Date Added: May 22, 2012: Base Figure: Face off Mandarin: Height: 6.30 inches: Completion Time: 31.00 hours: Articulation: 27 points: Hi Guys presenting my Custom stardust i first saw him/her in the annihilation wave i was really amazed. The beam would over power them. As of the aftermath of the battle, Villainville is destroyed, and his henchmen are arrested, except for Doom, who flees. While in battle with Anihilus's forces on the planet Daedalus 5, Stardust and Red Shift detected the presence of Galactus, who had been turned into a weapon by Thanos . Stardust massacres the last survivors of his race. Galactus sent Stardust to join two other former heralds, Firelord and Red Shift, in opposing the forces of Annihilus before taking the Silver Surfer as his herald once more. Stardust asked to be Galactus' herald again, but Galactus denied his wish because the Silver Surfer was now his herald again. Les Hérauts de Galactus (« Heralds of Galactus » en VO) est le nom d'un groupe de personnages de fiction successifs évoluant dans l'univers Marvel de la maison d'édition Marvel Comics. Annihilation: Heralds Of Galactus - Terrax/Stardust.