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Team SouL picked up 11 kill points to get back into top 10; SouL’s mid-tournament roster change worked in their favour in Vikendi. He & his team SOUL has also represented India in various National and International History Players Tournaments Teams Leagues Games Tips Forums Search. Release Date: 2017. Viper started his streaming career on March 21, 2019, with Mortal and Owais.

Yash Soni also known as SouL Viper is a PUBG Mobile competitive player for Team SouL. PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS.

He keeps uploading the videos of gaming highlights and even streams PUBG gameplays almost on a daily basis. He owns the YouTube channel Mortal.

Because of this, a flame war against the guy was sparked on all his social platforms. Recorded Date Range: 2017-08-23 to 2020-05-10. Summary . Team Hydra is an Indian PUBG Mobile team formed by the biggest PUBG Mobile influencer Dynamo Gaming. Top Countries. The real name of Soul Viper is Yash Paresh Soni and he lives in Mumbai, Maharashtra. There was a surprise in Match 4 of Week 2 of PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) as INES won their first Chicken Dinner of the tournament, dominating Vikendi. In the PUBG Mobile India Tour, Team Hydra was always a one-step head from their opponents, giving a fierce competition to the other professional players. He is so much attached to SouL that in one of his recent interviews when asked about leaving SouL and joining another team he clearly said: “ SouL till Death “. Prize Money Awarded: $21,951,706.97 From 277 Tournaments.

Popularly known as Soul Mortal, Naman Mathur is a famous Online Streamer, Indian mobile gamer & an Esports Player. PUBG Mobile: Sixless Insulting Team Soul And Indian Players, Dropped From Organization Muhammad Kumar - Mar 22, 2020 ... Sixless was offended by this and posted a series of stories on his personal Instagram handle, in which he insulted team Soul and Indian's PUBG Mobile community. All four match reports of India Today League PUBG Mobile Invitational: Team Soul finished on top with 61 points followed by TSM Entity with 52 points (27 kill pts, 25 position pts), Fnatic (49 pts), Celtz (43 pts) and Powerhouse (43 pts). #3 Soul Mortal Buying PUBG Mobile Season 13 Royal Pass | 100 RP Max (Maxing RP) Crates Opening #4 Aggressive Team SouL | OR Esports Tournament | New Game Style Team SouL | PUBG …

(Express Photo: Karanveer Singh Arora) During PMCO 2019 Fall Split finals, we were able to get a hold of all of the players of Team SouL, which includes MortaL, Viper, ReGaLToS and ClutchGod.ClutchGod has moved to 8Bit and is no more in the lineup of Team SouL. Top Teams…

After watching his gameplay players can't believes that he uses only two thumb claw setup, amazing reflexes, great strategies and legendary … He plays with Soul Mortal and many other pro PUBG Mobile Players, his amazing playing skills attract every PUBG Mobile player to watch his gameplay till the end of the match. Team SouL includes MortaL, Viper, ReGaLToS and ClutchGod. Top PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS team rankings by prize money won overall.